Biology and Ecology of Edible Marine Gastropod Molluscs

Biology and Ecology of Edible Marine Gastropod Molluscs Author Ramasamy Santhanam
Isbn 1771886382
File size 10.5MB
Year 2019
Pages 474
Language English
File format PDF
Category Animals

Book Description:

This comprehensive volume focuses exclusively on sea snails (or gastropods), which are popular food items and occupy an important role in the commercial shell craft industry. Familiar examples include conchs (highly sought after due to their mild flavor) and escargot, abalone, and periwinkle snails.


This book covers the profile (habitat, distribution, morphology, food and feeding, reproduction, conservation status, etc.) of about 180 species of commercial edible marine gastropod molluscs as well as their nutritional values, commercial importance, and pharmaceutical value. Also included is information on their prevalent diseases and parasites. The informative descriptions are presented in an easy-to-read style with neat illustrations.


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