Current Trends in Plant Disease Diagnostics and Management Practices

Plant diseases play an important role on our daily lives. Most of plant diseases are visible and are caused by biotic and/or abiotic factors. Symptoms are usually the results of a morphological change, alteration or damage to plant tissue and/or cells due to an interference of the plant’s metabolism. All basic structures of vascular plants are subject to attack by pathogens. The failure in accurate disease diagnosis and management ma...

Molecular Neuroendocrinology: From Genome to Physiology

Molecular Neuroendocrinology: From Genome to Physiology, provides researchers and students with a critical examination of the steps being taken to decipher genome complexity in the context of the expression, regulation and physiological functions of genes in neuroendocrine systems. The 19 chapters are divided into four sectors: A) describes and explores the genome, its evolution, expression and the mechanisms that contribute to prote...

Gibt es einen 7. Sinn?: Außergewöhnliche Wahrnehmungen und unglaubliche Fähigkeiten von Menschen und Tieren...

Dieses Buch beschreibt außergewöhnliche Wahrnehmungen und unglaubliche Fähigkeiten von Menschen und Tieren, die oftmals einem „siebten Sinn“ zugeschrieben werden, aus der Sicht der heutigen Lebenswissenschaften. Zentrale Themen sind unbewusste Wahrnehmung, die kritische Bewertung von Berichten über Sprachverständnis von Tieren und außersinnlicher Gedankenübertragung. Weitere Themen sind die vermeintliche, und manchmal auch erlebbare,...

50 Schlüsselideen Genetik

Eine Entdeckungsreise durch Gene, Genome und Verwandtschaften Ist unsere Persönlichkeit ererbt oder geschaffen? Was verrät die Erbsubstanz DNA über die Geschichte des Menschen? Welche Bedeutung hat das Klonschaf Dolly? Und werden wir schon bald Designerbabys nach Wunsch bestellen? In 50 klaren und unterhaltsamen Essays destilliert Mark Henderson, Wissenschaftsredakteur der Times, die zentralen Konzepte der noch jungen Wissenschaft Ge...

Discrete Optimization for TSP-Like Genome Mapping Problems

This book introduces a discrete optimisation technique in four applications: classic Traveller Salesperson Problem (TSP), Multilocus Genetic Mapping, Multilocus Consensus Genetic Mapping, and Physical Mapping. Each of the four sections contains the problem formulation, description of the algorithm, and experimental results. The foregoing problems are solved on the basis of Guided Evolution Strategy (GES) algorithm. The algorithm was ...

Data-driven Modelling of Structured Populations

This book is a “How To” guide for modeling population dynamics using Integral Projection Models (IPM) starting from observational data. It is written by a leading research team in this area and includes code in the R language (in the text and online) to carry out all computations. The intended audience are ecologists, evolutionary biologists, and mathematical biologists interested in developing data-driven models for animal and plant...

Biomedical Science, Engineering and Technology

This innovative book integrates the disciplines of biomedical science, biomedical engineering, biotechnology, physiological engineering, and hospital management technology. Herein, Biomedical science covers topics on disease pathways, models and treatment mechanisms, and the roles of red palm oil and phytomedicinal plants in reducing HIV and diabetes complications by enhancing antioxidant activity.

Honey Bee Pathology, Second Edition

ince the publication of the first edition of this book in 1982, investigation into the pathology of honey bees has progressed considerably. Furthermore, several different agents of disease, some newly discovered, have been causing increasing concern in recent years in many parts of the world. The book contains separate chapters on viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, mites, nematode and insect parasites, non-infectious diseases, and t...

Innovations in Micro Irrigation Technology

The tenth and final volume in the series Research Advances in Sustainable Micro Irrigation, this valuable book focuses on new and recent innovations in technology, methods, and applications for micro irrigation. The book covers a wide variety of topics, including successes in micro irrigation in India, how new methods have helped the local economies in several areas, ways to enhance crop yield through new building programs, and new t...

Identifying Microbes by Mass Spectrometry Proteomics

All microbes, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi, can be classified and identified by matching a few peptides known to be unique to each organism. Identifying Microbes by Mass Spectrometry Proteomics describes ways to identify microorganisms using powerful new techniques combining hardware and software and yielding highly accurate methods for detection, identification, and classification of microbes. This straightforward technolo...