Adiposity: Omics and Molecular Understanding

This book is the second in a series of two, featuring the "Adiposity: Omics and Molecular Understanding", serving as an introduction to modern views on how the adipocytes are reciprocally interacting with organ systems in order to explain the biology of the body's fat cells and how they are integrated with other organ systems, like muscle cells and the liver, in order to control the lipid metabolism in our bodies, to finally preserve...

A Natural History of the Central Appalachians

Central Appalachia is the system of linear ridges, intervening valleys, and deeply dissected plateaus that make up the rugged terrain found in western and southwestern Virginia, eastern and central West Virginia, western Maryland, and a portion of south central and southwestern Pennsylvania. Through its concise and accessible approach, A Natural History of the Central Appalachians thoroughly examines the biology and ecology of the pl...

Childhood Obesity

This book aims to provide readers with a general as well as an advanced overview of the key trends in childhood obesity. Obesity is an illness that occurs due to a combination of genetic, environmental, psychosocial, metabolic and hormonal factors. The prevalence of obesity has shown a great rise both in adults and children in the last 30 years. It is known that one third of children who are obese in childhood and 80% of adolescents ...

Lysosomes: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology)

This volume provides laboratory protocols essential for studies on lysosomal biology. Chapters aim to guide researchers in their exploration of lysosomes, both under normal conditions and in pathological processes. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible labo...

An Introduction to Survival Analysis Using Stata, Third Edition

Unlike some glorified manuals available in the market, this book is a genuine text for an introductory course in survival analysis using Stata. This book is also an excellent supplement for a graduate-level survival analysis course as well as a reference book for a data analyst dealing with survival data. The book presents the essential models, formulas, background, and relevant references in a compact and adequate manner, and then c...

A History of Ideas About the Prolongation of Life

Dr. Gruman's book examines the quest for longevity and immortality up to the year 1800. He presents multicultural perspectives and attitudes as depicted in Islamic and Chinese societies as well as in Western Civilization. This scholarly work contributes to our understanding of the origins of medicine, personal hygiene and public health as well as the underlying psychological and social determinants of longevity and humanity's longing...

ATM Kinase: Methods and Protocols

Ataxia–telangiectasia (A-T) is a rare and severe genetic disorder affecting children. A-T is a multisystem disease characterized by progressive neurodegeneration, immunodeficiency and cancer predisposition. This detailed volume explores the ever expanding field of research into the ATM (ataxia-telangiectasia, mutated) gene and the role played by ATM kinase in DNA damage signaling and diverse cellular processes. What follows is a hand...

Forensic Microbiology (Forensic Science in Focus)

Forensic Microbiology focuses on newly emerging areas of microbiology relevant to medicolegal and criminal investigations: postmortem changes, establishing cause of death, estimating postmortem interval, and trace evidence analysis. Recent developments in sequencing technology allow researchers, and potentially practitioners, to examine microbial communities at unprecedented resolution and in multidisciplinary contexts. This detailed...

Foot and Mouth Disease Virus

"a wealth of knowledge and research from recent and historical timeframes is merged together in 18 chapters for easy reference ... this book stand(s) out from other textbooks ... I recommend this book as an important comprehensive review reference for anyone involved in FMDV research, control, and outbreak planning." from JAVMA

Beekeeper's Lab: 52 Family-Friendly Activities and Experiments Exploring the Life of the Hive

"Beekeeper's Lab" is really nice to have, especially for a family or someone who is just beginning to keep bees. Even though I have had bees off and on for over 35 years, I learned a lot from this book, things I had not known before. I can't say. This book is filled with well-thought-out, hands-on experiments and activities for learning about bees and beehives. The contents are equally suitable, or easily adaptable, to a wide range o...