Medical Immunology (5th Edition)

Maintaining the high standard of quality that made previous editions so successful, this totally revised and updated text incorporates the most recent advances in basic and clinical immunology-emphasizing diagnostic and clinical applications as well as state-of-the-art discussions of the principles and strategies for modulation of the immune response and treatment of hypersensitivity, autoimmune, and immune deficiency diseases. Inclu...

Pain in Perspective

This book takes us into a journey of how it all began and then leads us to understand the various concepts of pain relief today. From musculoskeletal pain to complex shoulder pain and from neurological examination to charting out pain, this book describes new ideas and latest descriptions of pain concepts and their treatment. Pain has been there since man has existed and whatever the method or technique of its relief, if successful w...

Protein Function Prediction: Methods and Protocols

This volume presents established bioinformatics tools and databases for function prediction of proteins. Reflecting the diversity of this active field in bioinformatics, the chapters in this book discuss a variety of tools and resources such as sequence-, structure-, systems-, and interaction-based function prediction methods, tools for functional analysis of metagenomics data, detecting moonlighting-proteins, sub-cellular localizati...

Adiposity: Epidemiology and Treatment Modalities

This book is the first in a series of two, featuring the Adiposity - Epidemiology and Treatment Modalities, serving as a summary of the traditional views on how the organ systems are affected when higher organs start to suffer from enhanced body weight, where most of this additional weight consists of white adipose tissue (Wat). The understanding of the "epidemiology" of obesity will consequently enable clinicians and researchers to ...

Microbial Toxins: Methods and Protocols, 2nd edition

This second edition volume expands on the previous editions with detailed protocols on (cyano) bacterial and mold fungus toxins, and a specific focus on Gram-negative endotoxins (lipopolysaccharides). The chapters in Microbial Toxins: Methods and Protocols, Second Edition present techniques that cover topics such as detection of cholera toxin by an immunochromatographic test strip; label-free immune-sensors for the fast detection of ...

Beyond the Fruited Plain

"This book is a valuable contribution to the growing conversation that examines literary handling of food and agriculture as a crucial junction of nature and culture."—Daniel Clausen, Western American Literature “Beyond the Fruited Plain poses a terrifically useful expansion of our understanding of how food-related discourse in the period was incorporated by literary artists, as well as how those artists turned their craft to the pur...

Th9 Cells: Methods and Protocols

This volume presents comprehensive laboratory protocols that have been used to generate Th9 cells, both in vitro and in vivo. The techniques described in Th9 Cells: Methods and Protocols study the role of Th9 cells in different inflammatory disease models, including allergic inflammation model, parasite model, tumor model, and EAE and IBD model. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, chapters inc...

Advances in International Rice Research

This book was aimed to show a glance of new advancements in the international rice researches. Rice provides staple food for more than 50% of the world's population and is an important crop in the world. With the new technologies such as high-throughput genome sequencing and integrated "-omis" methods applied in rice researches, great advancements have been made. The first section of the book introduced rice cultivation and productio...

A Treatise on the Western Hemisphere Caraboidea

A synthesis of the classification, distributions, and ways of life of the ground-beetles (Coleoptera: Caraboidea) dwelling in the Western Hemisphere. Under each taxon account, the historical nomenclature, distribution at the country and/or state/province level, and way of life, including Macrohabitat, Microhabitat, Dispersal abilities, Seasonal occurrence, and Behavior are elaborated. Selected references for each taxon are given in t...

Conservation Agriculture for Africa

This book assesses the latest trends in the adoption of conservation agriculture. Focusing on the most recent technologies to improve agricultural resilience to climate change, as well as increase profitability and sustainability, it takes a continental and sub-regional approach to African agriculture. Covering climate-proofing, resilience, sustainable intensification, and the extension and adoption process for new techniques, this b...