Bacterial Membranes: Structural And Molecular Biology

Membranes are pivotal components of life, acting as formidable insulators that demarcate a living cell; generate energy in the form of ion gradients; transport ions, proteins, nucleic acids, nutrients, and metabolites; and provide transduction systems to sense the environment and to communicate with other cells. Membranes also provide shape and structure to cells and are important in cell motility. In addition, they fulfill a scaffol...

Fins Into Limbs: Evolution, Development, And Transformation

Long ago, fish fins evolved into the limbs of land vertebrates and tetrapods. During this transition, some elements of the fin were carried over while new features developed. Lizard limbs, bird wings, and human arms and legs are therefore all evolutionary modifications of the original tetrapod limb. A comprehensive look at the current state of research on fin and limb evolution and development, this volume addresses a wide range of s...

Birds Of The Serengeti: And Ngorongoro Conservation Area

This is a fantastic reference book for those of us who love birds. The photos are the best I've seen. Just back from the Serengeti and found this book spot on. A true "birder" might want a more detailed and inclusive reference while in the field, but for the average bird lover this book is perfect. However, a true "birder" will want this for their library. Located in northern Tanzania, the Serengeti is one of the world's most famous ...

Microbiology And Immunology (6th Edition)

This book is maybe one of the best BRS's. One of the end chapters has flow charts on how to narrow down symptoms to 1 or 2 bugs, and it works WONDERS. The parasitology part of the book is all mainly in one big table with a 2-3 line description of the parasite, bug, location, vector and PICTURE! The immuno part is quick, concise and VERY high yield. BRS Microbiology and Immunology is designed specifically for medical and graduate stud...

Bioinformatik : Ein Leitfaden Für Naturwissenschaftler

Wie berechnet man multiple Alignments? Wie nutzt man eine Datenbank, um die mühsam im Labor ermittelten Sequenzen effektiv zu analysieren? Und welche Datenbank ist überhaupt am besten geeignet? Locker und leicht verständlich geschrieben führt dieser Leitfaden in die Geheimnisse der Bioinformatik ein, ohne dass man als Naturwissenschaftler gleich Informatik im Nebenfach belegt haben muss. Schwerpunkt des Buches sind die Grundlagen und...

Ionotropic Glutamate Receptor Technologies

This detailed volume explores key technologies that are used currently to investigate iGluR structure, function and physiology.  Chapters in this book cover methods to help illuminate the assembly, trafficking, molecular composition and subcellular location of iGluRs; approaches used to understand the atomic organization of iGluRs; and techniques to monitor receptor activity in real time. Written in the popular Neuromethods series st...

Green Documentary: Environmental Documentary In The 21st Century

During the first decade of the twenty-first century, a stunning array of documentary films focusing on environmental issues, representing the world on the brink of ecological catastrophe, has been met with critical and popular acclaim. This cohesive and accessible volume is the first book-length study of environmental documentary filmmaking, offering a coherent analysis of controversial and high-profile documentary films such as Gasl...

Zombie Birds, Astronaut Fish, And Other Weird Animals

I bought this book on a whim, and I was pleasantly surprised. The core of the book is a series of small chapter entries on various odd animals, all of which is very science-savvy, and many are up-to-the-minute with recent discoveries. Most of the animals are truly odd or at least very novel. I truly treasure this book for its amazing content and readability, I have read it 2 times already. The book's only shortcoming are the Gary-Lar...

Wetlands (5th Edition)

The single most important book on wetlands, newly expanded and updated Wetlands is the definitive guide to this fragile ecosystem, providing the most comprehensive coverage and in-depth information available in print. Recently updated and expanded, this latest edition contains brand new information on Wetland Ecosystem Services and an updated discussion on Wetland, Carbon, and Climate Change and Wetland Creation and Restoration. Due ...

Mechanobiology Of The Endothelium

The endothelium is an excellent example of where biology meets physics and engineering. It must convert mechanical forces into chemical signals to maintain homeostasis. It also controls the immune response, drug delivery through the vasculature, and cancer metastasis. Basic understanding of these processes is starting to emerge and the knowledge gained from research is now being used in applications from drug delivery to imaging moda...