A Treatise on the Western Hemisphere Caraboidea

A synthesis of the classification, distributions, and ways of life of the ground-beetles (Coleoptera: Caraboidea) dwelling in the Western Hemisphere. Under each taxon account, the historical nomenclature, distribution at the country and/or state/province level, and way of life, including Macrohabitat, Microhabitat, Dispersal abilities, Seasonal occurrence, and Behavior are elaborated. Selected references for each taxon are given in t...

Exploration and Analysis of DNA Microarray and Other High-Dimensional Data, 2 edition

“Featuring new information on interpretation of findings, class prediction, ABC clustering, limma for mixed models, biclustering, mass spectrometry, tracking Spearman correlations, and more, this extremely well written" (Journal of Environmental Quality) book is a choice reference for scientists, teachers, and students interested in DNA data analysis.” (Zentralblatt MATH, 1 October 2014)

Conservation Agriculture for Africa

This book assesses the latest trends in the adoption of conservation agriculture. Focusing on the most recent technologies to improve agricultural resilience to climate change, as well as increase profitability and sustainability, it takes a continental and sub-regional approach to African agriculture. Covering climate-proofing, resilience, sustainable intensification, and the extension and adoption process for new techniques, this b...

Male Hypogonadism: Basic, Clinical and Therapeutic Principles, Second Edition

Highly practical and updated with the latest available data, this second edition of Male Hypogonadism: Basic, Clinical and Therapeutic Principles cogently presents a large body of scientific information on male reproductive endocrinology to provide a thorough understanding of the pathophysiology, clinical characteristics, and treatments for disorders that adversely affect testicular function.

Biology of Subterranean Fishes

This is the best book about Biology of Subterranean Fish. It encompasses the state of knowledge about the studies of subterranean fishes. Subjects like Cavendish:Retrospective and Prospective; Biodiversity and Distribution of the Subterranean Fishes of the World and Conservation of Subterranean Fishes are discussed. Behavioural Patterns and Evolutionary Genetics of Cave Fishes are presented. After this, the update approaches of regio...

Seeds of Resistance, Seeds of Hope

“This volume is welcome and significant, bringing together contributions from key authors and activists. It addresses some of the most innovative grassroots efforts at biodiversity conservation on the planet today; and features communities that have previously been overlooked or whose struggles beg further inquiry and acclaim.”—Devon G. Peña, author of Mexican Americans and the Environment: Tierra y vida

Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is an increasing health and economical problem in our world. Obesity and diabetes mellitus, the two most common cause of CKD, are becoming epidemic in our societies. Education on healthy lifestyle and diet is becoming more and more important for reducing the number of type 2 diabetics and patients with hypertension. Education of our patients is also crucial for successful maintenance therapy. There are, h...

Rice: Technology and Production

This volume is dedicated to sustainable rice production practices - those which increase rice productivity and its quality; improve soil fertility and health; increase water use efficiency and conservation, and increase diversification of rice fields, growers' income, and climate resilience. Rice is life, for most people living in Asia. Rice has shaped the cultures, diets, and economies of thousands of millions of people. Growing, se...

Sex and the Origins of Death

I have read six of William R Clark's books and would give them all 5 stars but only because Amazon does not allow for more. The 5 star reviews on here have written the truth and it is very much what I would have tried to express had they not already done so. Incidentally, if you have a question arise you can email the author and he will respond and he did this for me. I cannot do anything but give a very strong recommendation for thi...