Collins new generation guide to the birds of Britain and Europe

This book is now out of print but contains much that the later editions do not re bird structure and other facts, but its main advantage is the way it is laid out with easy to compare images of similar species in tabular form that makes it much easier to identify which particular bird one is looking at. This is an old book c1987 but it is THE BEST not for species ID - there's loads better - but because there are 50 pages at the front...

Breast Cancer: Focusing Tumor Microenvironment, Stem cells and Metastasis

This book covers topics such as characteristics of breast cancer cells, molecular tumor classification methods, in vitro cancer models, breast cancer and microenvironment, breast cancer stem cells, gene regulation in breast cancer, and mechanism of breast cancer cell interaction, invasion as well as metastasis. The book will serve as a good guide for the scientists, researchers and educators in the field. The book includes chapters w...

Pesticides: Recent Trends in Pesticide Residue Assay

Contents Section 1 Pesticide Residue 1 Exposure to Pesticides in Tomato Crop Farmers in Merced, Colombia: Effects on Health and the Environment 2 Residue of DDT and HCH in Fish from Lakes and Rivers in the World 3 Evaluation of Occupational and Vegetable Dietary Exposures to Current-Use Agricultural Pesticides in Ghana 4 Pesticide Residue Analysis in Animal Origin Food: Procedure Proposal and Evaluation for Lipophilic Pesticides 5 Re...

Protein-Protein Interactions: (Methods in Molecular Biology)

The second edition covers a wide range of protein-protein interaction detection topics. Protein-Protein Interactions: Methods and Applications focuses on core technological platforms used to study protein-protein interactions and cutting-edge technologies that reflect recent scientific advances and the emerging focus on therapeutic discovery. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, chapters includ...

Cancer Genetics and Genomics for Personalized Medicine

This book covers almost all fields of cancer genetics and genomics for personalized medicine. Targeted therapy, or precision medicine, or personalized medicine is becoming a standard treatment for many diseases, including cancer. However, how much do we know about the personalized medicine approach? This lucid book helps undergraduate and graduate students, professional researchers, and clinicians to better understand the key concept...

Nutrigenomics and Proteomics in Health and Disease: (Hui: Food Science and Technology)

Now in a revised second edition, Nutrigenomics and Proteomics in Health and Disease brings together the very latest science based upon nutrigenomics and proteomics in food and health. Coverage includes many important nutraceuticals and their impact on gene interaction and health. Authored by an international team of multidisciplinary researchers, this book acquaints food and nutrition professionals with these new fields of nutrition ...

Unique Enzymes of Aspergillus Fungi Used in Japanese Bioindustries

The most widely used organisms are fungi, and several enzymes and organic acids are synthesized by species of Aspergillus. Over the past 1,000 years, the use of hydrolytic enzymes from fungi has become more prevalent in Japanese fermentation industries. The molds Aspergillus oryzae, A. sojae, A. awamori and A. saitoi are of great practical importance in fermentation industries, enzyme technologies and food industries in Japan. This b...

Ants of Florida: Identification and Natural History

For most people, ants are invisible - but clearly not for the author Mark Deyrup. His lively text makes these little creatures come to life. The text is filled with details and tidbits on the natural history of each species, including information and illustrations of male ants (the forgotten sex in ants). Ants from Florida can be readily identified for the first time thanks to the clear identification notes and the meticulously accur...

Snowbird : Integrative Biology and Evolutionary Diversity in the Junco

“Longitudinal studies of organisms in the wild are the gold standard for understanding the complexity and dynamics of the evolutionary process. . . . Snowbird is focused on a songbird that has become a workhorse for integrative long-term research: the dark-eyed junco. . . . However, this book is much more than an exploration of a particular bird: it is an authoritative example of how to do integrative biology thoroughly, and thorough...

Real-Time PCR in Food Science

Bacterial detection and control are vital aspects of food microbiology. Real-time PCR is one of the most significant advances in this area, providing rapid, reliable, and quantitative results. In recent years, real-time PCR has become increasingly important to the agricultural and food industries as a valuable alternative to traditional detection methods. The advantages of quantitative real-time PCR include speed, an excellent detect...