Nursing the Feline Patient

“This reference is an excellent value for the money and will provide practical everyday assistance for veterinary technicians who work with cats. ” Nursing the Feline Patient is a comprehensive and accessible clinical manual addressing the unique nursing needs of cats.  Covering all aspects of feline nursing care from the examination room to the surgical suite, the book highlights the special considerations for cat patients throughou...

Theory-Based Ecology: A Darwinian approach

"The book is written from an especially unique and original perspective, not only in terms of its general organization, but also in its particular treatment of various topics such as competitive exclusion and the ecological niche.[...] although the book is undoubtedly far from being the last word on the subject, it revitalizes and thus hopefully contributes to fulfilling the dream of the 1960s and 1970s: having a unified population b...

The Mammals of Texas, Seventh Edition

This is a significant improvement over the sixth edition. They're more consistent about including range maps (but still exclude them for introduced species, which I find a little irksome), and species accounts are greatly expanded in many cases (including some extinct species-the discussion over just how common grizzly bears ever where in state is interesting). There's also updates to several range maps (elk, cougar, black bear , por...

Birders of Africa : History of a Network

Nancy Jacobs uses the term 'birder' in a somewhat unconventional way. Where most people see this term as synonymous with 'birdwatcher', for her these are 'recreational birders', the minor category of three types of 'birders' described in her book. The two main categories of birds are ornithologists (which includes both the specimen collectors of the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as the museum scientists who examined, categorized a...

The Winged: An Upper Missouri River Ethno-ornithology

The Missouri River Basin is home to thousands of bird species that migrate across the Great Plains of North America each year, marking the seasonal cycle and filling the air with their song. In time immemorial, Native inhabitants of this vast region established alliances with birds that helped them to connect with the gods, to learn the workings of nature, and to live well.   This book integrates published and archival sources c...

Genomes, Evolution, and Culture

This book combines recent information and discoveries in the field of human molecular biology and human molecular evolution. It provides an interdisciplinary approach drawing together data from various diverse disciplines to address both the more classical anthropological content and the current more contemporary molecular focus of courses. Chapters include a history of human evolutionary genetics; the human genome structure and func...

Pitfalls in Veterinary Surgery

I was expecting this book to be more of a textbook than what it really is - a memoir. The stories are interesting, and there are a few educational tidbits to be found, but at over $60, this short, flimsy paperback is way overpriced.

Pathology for Toxicologists

"The book consists of 8 very easy-to-read chapters and highlights (as mentioned in the Preface), the uncertainties encountered by the pathologist when reading studies and shows why pathologists cannot always make up their minds. The book explains and endorses the fact that explanation of pathology findings in a toxicology study must involve pragmatic (as well as scientific) thinking. Each chapter ends with a good reference section an...

Microbiology: An Introduction, 11 edition

Great student resource, even if you have this older edition. I don't generally write reviews for textbooks, but I'd recommend this even if you aren't taking micro. A very well written text which is well organized. If you read each chapter before going to class, it'll be hard not to get a good grade. The way that the material is presented in this book is as good or better than any lecture on the subject. I saved money by buying used o...

Ventilatory Support for Chronic Respiratory Failure

NICOLINO AMBROSINO is Director of Respiratory Unit, Cardio-Thoracic Department, University Hospital of Pisa, Italy, Director of Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Weaning Center, Volterra, Italy and is or was Professor at the Universities of Pisa, Pavia, Florence, and Trieste, Italy. Professor Ambrosino’s research and clinical activity has been devoted to Respiratory Critical Care, Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Home Respiratory Care. He con...