Biopesticides: State of the Art and Future Opportunities (ACS Symposium Series)

(ACS Symposium Series)

41S1GDSX5kL._SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_ Author Aaron Gross, Joel R. Coats, and Stephen O. Duke
Isbn 9780841229983
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Year 2015
Pages 304
Language English
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Category Chemistry

Book Description:

Resistance to conventional pesticides has been growing rapidly among all pests. Furthermore, there is increased public concern about the safety of conventional pesticides, and increased governmental restrictions have resulted in the need to identify new compounds that are safe and effective in controlling pests that are of concern to agriculture as well as to public and animal health. Biopesticides may aid in the control of such pests with fewer deleterious effects to the environment, people and animals. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines biopesticides as "pesticides derived from such natural materials as animals, plants, bacteria, and certain minerals" ( According to the U.S. EPA's website in 2014 there were more than 430 registered biopesticides along with 1320 active product registrations. Biopesticides have seen a recent growth, which is partially due to increased advances in biotechnological tools for pest control. However, the growth has been largely spurred by the growing needs for new tools to fight pesticide resistance and safer and more benign means of pest management.

This volume and the chapters contained within it resulted from the "Biopesticides: State of the Art and Future Opportunities" symposium held at the 246th ACS National Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana, September 8-12, 2013. The symposium was comprised of 38 papers in five sessions: The Big Picture, Repellents and Attractants, Insecticides and Nematicides, Products from Genetic Improvements, and Economic, Regulatory and Future Needs. Biopesticides: State of the Art and Future Opportunities offers a wealth of information that will enrich the knowledge of experts in the field of biopesticide research.



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