Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry

5be37c6d31ddc.jpg Author A. Burny and R. Renaville
Isbn 9780792368519
File size 3.8MB
Year 2001
Pages 360
Language English
File format PDF
Category Animals

Book Description:

Animal biotechnology is a broad umbrella encompassing the polarities of fundamental and applied research including molecular modelling, molecular and quantitative genetics, gene manipulation, development of diagnostics and vaccines and manipulation of tissue or digestion metabolism by growth promoters. Although animal biotechnology in the broadest sense is not new, what is new is the level of complexity and precision involved in scientists' current ability to manipulate living organisms.
This new book sets out to show that the important ideas in animal biotechnology are exciting and relevant to everyday experience. It represents an important update of the literature for research workers, lecturers, and advisers in animal science, but is also a core text for advanced undergraduate courses in animal science and biotechnology. It will be an essential acquisition for librarians in agriculture and veterinary science.



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