Boxing Mastery: Advanced Technique, Tactics, and Strategies from the Sweet Science

58821b943e63c.jpeg Author Mark Hatmaker
Isbn 9781884654213
File size 19.9MB
Year 2004
Pages 224
Language English
File format PDF
Category Martial Arts

Book Description:

This guide to the finer points of boxing provides the wisdom needed to make the transition from enthusiastic beginner to proficient pugilist. The ABCs of ring generalship, offensive and defensive ring movements, feints, and draws and fakes are examined and explained along with clinching techniques, head-hunting, body work, and counter-punching chains. Strategies for boxing against tall and short opponents as well as for a variety of fighting styles such as charger, speed-demon, stick-and-move, and slugger and brawler are discussed in detail. Specific drills focus on sophisticated ring stratagems such as throwing complex combinations, cutting off the ring, fighting off the ropes, generating power, and cornering an opponent are included.



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