Brilliant Persuasion

Everyday Techniques to Boost Your Powers of Persuasion

0043840e_medium Author Stephen C. Young
Isbn 9781292135731
File size 33MB
Year 2017
Pages 288
Language English
File format PDF
Category Business

Book Description:

At last here is a book that provides the power for that "Light bulb moment". I have been a Headhunter, Executive Business and Career Coach for more than thirty years and read many books on the subject of persuasion. I have been impressed by some and bored by others, this one is exciting. Stephen has clearly worked hard to research past and recent behavioural philosophies and develop and build on the concepts and he has delivered by way of this book. He uses plain language, avoids jargon and 'coach speak' making the reader hungry to learn more and try out the propositions, because he is clear in communicating the messages. The way in which the book, the narrative and examples are presented, textually and graphically, is highly effective and thus becomes both a reference and text book, almost a manual. This is a real gem providing invaluable guidance and direction, but above all encouragement to a vast community. I have now included this in my own arsenal of tools and positive weapons as a coach be it career navigation and support, confidence coaching or executive coaching, the list of options and applications just for me as a practitioner, has little in the way of limits. I have benefited personally and professionally by deploying a number of different methods or processes that I learned reading this book. Finally, I would like to thank the author Stephen Young for this contribution to my library



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