Bruce Lee's Fighting Method, Vol. 2: Basic Training

5c34543ae2f00.jpg Author
Isbn 9780897500517
File size 8.89MB
Year 1977
Pages 128
Language English
File format PDF
Category Martial Arts

Book Description:

Reveals how the iconic warrior attained his legendary speed, power, and footwork. Included are practical, effective stretches for increasing flexibility, abdominal exercises that can be performed anywhere, and hard-hitting advice on running, biking, skipping rope, and shadowboxing. More than just a fitness guide, this must-have manual also delves into the fundamental aspects of Bruce Lee s revolutionary combat philosophy, jeet kune do, including how to strengthen your fists with iron-palm training, get the most out of your punches and kicks, camouflage your attacks, develop the footwork to evade almost any blow, cover distance rapidly, escape from a tight corner, conserve energy for countering, build muscles without sacrificing speed, fix flaws in your stance, and improve your peripheral vision, leverage, and timing.



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