How to Build with Grid Beam

582005bc8d12b.jpg Author Phil Jergenson
Isbn 9780865716131
File size 131MB
Year 2008
Pages 288
Language English
File format PDF
Category Hobbies

Book Description:

Grid beam is a modular, reusable building system that is fast, easy, affordable, and virtually goof-proof. Ordinary people with few skills and even fewer tools (all you need is a wrench!) can tackle projects ranging from furniture and shop benches to more ambitious projects like wind turbines, truck racks, small buildings—even electric vehicles.

Grid beam’s modular pieces and bolt-together construction make the system fast and straightforward to work with. It has all the advantages of an industrial building system: standard, modular sizes; uniform materials; and interchangeable parts. Projects knock flat and are easy to transport. Since the pieces can be used over and over again, grid beam is easy both on your wallet and on the environment—the authors have been using some of their components for over thirty years.

How to Build with Grid Beam includes hundreds of photos of real projects built over a sixty-year period, showing the many uses of grid beam, from shelves for college students to projects involving alternative energy. The versatility of grid beam is inspiring for beginners, more experienced do-it- yourselfers, and innovators who will develop their own designs. Even school-age children can use grid beam to build simple projects.

Phil Jergenson is an innovator who built the first grid beam vehicle.

Richard Jergenson built his first grid beam project in 1977.

Wilma Keppel is a writer and editor who is also a welder, carpenter, and grid beam builder.



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