Build It! World Landmarks

Make Supercool Models with your Favorite LEGO Parts

00518e5e_medium Author Jennifer Kemmeter
Isbn 1943328838
File size 83.3MB
Year 2016
Pages 70
Language English
File format PDF
Category Hobbies

Book Description:

I like the idea but it's not quite as simple as they explain.

First, the age level is around 5 and up, and allows them to build things that aren't typical Lego designs. Good deal. But the basis of the instructions is that they select from Legos they already have. NOT so easy, because many Legos already have movie-tie-in logos on them or are specialized. It's not easy to find the plain, simple, old school pieces this requires.

So, taking the time to find the pieces to use was a killjoy. The designs are easy but just really hard for that age group to remain patient and find what they need.

Definitely a book that needs a parent or friend's involvement to find pieces.



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