This is Business Ethics: An Introduction (This is Philosophy)

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Corporations make difficult decisions about the right thing to do every day—often in unclear and complicated circumstances—but as an organization made up of people with different perspectives and values, how can a business behave ethically? This is Business Ethics offers real-world practical advice for navigating ethical dilemmas in business, developed and explained through illustrative high-profile case studies like the Ford Pinto case, Enron, Walmart and British Petroleum. With detailed explanations of the core principles in ethical theory—including virtue ethics, utilitarianism and deontology—as well as theories of political economy and business organization, This is Business Ethics offers a dynamic and engaging introduction to the study of corporate morality.

Designed to help both students and professionals bridge the gap between theory and application, this user-friendly guide tackles the common challenges of applying the principles of classical ethics to the business world. Divided into four distinct parts, the volume explores how ethical theory informs the way that proper business policies and practices are decided, and presents unresolved contemporary case studies for consideration, inviting readers to participate in the decision-making and offer their own recommendations.

The latest installment in the popular This is Philosophy series, This is Business Ethics is specifically written for newcomers to business ethics and presumes no prior knowledge of the subject, making it an ideal text for undergraduates and a useful resource for business and management professionals.



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