Erfolgsfaktor Controlling, Risikomanagement und Personal

Der Rückgang der Fördermittel stellt Krankenhäuser zunehmend vor Probleme. Notwendige Investitionen bleiben aus, wirtschaftliches Arbeiten wird schwerer. Die langfristigen Folgen sind Einbußen bei der Qualität. Damit befasst sich der Beitrag "Strategische Investitionsplanung im Krankenhaus". Weitere Themen: Balanced Scorecard – Ansatz eines strategischen Managementinstruments im Krankenhaus Die Optimierung des internen Berichtswesens...

NASD Arbitration Solution

The right brain guide to NASD compliance for Registered Representatives This book tells the thrilling story of Thomas Hine's 22-month NASD arbitration, and how he applied timeless martial arts principles to build and protect his wealth advisory practice. The authors combine courtroom drama, vivid anecdotes, analogies, humor, and practical "how to" advice to create the definitive one-stop resource for Registered Representatives.

2015 International Valuation Handbook: Industry Cost of Capital

Real-world cost-of-capital data from across industries and around the globe 2015 International Valuation Handbook—Industry Cost of Capital is the essential reference for valuation professionals, providing country-level cost of equity capital estimates for more than 150 countries. Updated annually by the valuation experts at Duff & Phelps, this authoritative guide allows quick access to the data and adjustable capital models requi...

Practical Budget Management in Health and Social Care

Practical budget management is at the core of this book. As well as giving an insight into the way budgets behave in certain circumstances and what can be done about it, the book also deals with practical steps the budget and resource manager can take to eliminate waste and reduce opportunities for fraud and collusion. Better budget management means that the organisation can concentrate greater resources on matters that will signific...

A Brief History of Entrepreneurship

A Brief History of Entrepreneurship charts how the pursuit of profit by private individuals has been a prime mover in revolutionizing civilization. Entrepreneurs often butt up against processes, technologies, social conventions, and even laws. So they circumvent, innovate, and violate to obtain what they want. This creative destruction has brought about overland and overseas trade, colonization, and a host of revolutionary technologi...

Industrial Democracy in the Chinese Aerospace Industry: The Innovation Catalyst

This book provides an up-to-date insight to the many innovations of the indigenous aerospace industry from a socio-economic perspective, a final frontier of Chinese technology that will shape global competitive dynamics in the 21st century. An industry that relies on human capital to engage in concept-intensive high tech production, this book discusses the future prospect of the Chinese system within the increasing power of global fi...

Clinical Audit in Primary Care: Demonstrating Quality and Outcomes

Clinical audit is essential for demonstrating performance for the quality and outcomes framework of the GP Contract. This completely up to date manual uses a practical ‘how-to-do-it’ approach, linked directly to the GP Contract, to make the undertaking of clinical audit a positive and rewarding exercise for both patient care and practice finance. By using examples of clinical audit from around twenty different clinical fields, Clinic...

Leadership and Teambuilding in Primary Care

This guide contains a foreword by Simon Gregory, Dean of Postgraduate GP Education, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland and General Practitioner, Northampton. This concise, jargon-free guide examines and explains the skills and attitudes needed to develop leadership abilities in individuals. It offers practical advice that is ideal for everyday implementation in the workplace. Developed alongside the NHS Leadership Qualities...

Struggling for Air: Power Plants and the "War on Coal"

Since the beginning of the Obama Administration, conservative politicians have railed against the President's "War on Coal." As evidence of this supposed siege, they point to a series of rules issued by the Environmental Protection Agency that aim to slash air pollution from the nation's power sector . Because coal produces far more pollution than any other major energy source, these rules are expected to further reduce its already s...