Ecosystems and Technology: Idea Generation and Content Model Processing

The book, the first volume in the Innovation Management and Computing book series, looks at technology that improves efficiency and idea generation, including systems for business, medical/health, education, and more. The book provides detailed examples to provide readers with current issues, including Venture planning for innovations New technologies supporting innovations systems Competitive business modeling Context-driven innovat...

Fashion Marketing: Influencing Consumer Choice and Loyalty with Fashion Products

Fashion is everywhere! Fashion transcends domains and applies to almost any kind of product (e.g., apparel, cars, digital devices, food, literature, trips, music, house decoration, personal wellness). Fashion greatly influences public interest, media coverage, and product success. The global fashion apparel industry, for example, is one of the most important in terms of investments, trade, and employment while depending upon unpredic...

The Triumph of Emptiness: Consumption, Higher Education, and Work Organization

This book has not only confirmed in part what I was feeling all along, but it has also opened my eyes to what is really important in life. I have read the book twice and recommended it to a lot of people. It is truly an eye opener and it will definitely make you think. Great read! "The author, a leading management scholar and a major sociological thinker, punctures the grandiosity and narcissism of our times when we succumb to the il...

Creative Solutions to Global Business Negotiations, Second Edition

Making deals globally is a fact of life in modern business. To successfully conduct deals abroad, executives like you need skills to negotiate with counterparts who have different backgrounds and experiences. This book gives you and other international executives the savvy you need to negotiate with finesse and ease. It offers valuable insights into the fine points of negotiating and guidelines on delicate issues that can influence a...

China Counting: How the West Was Lost

'Chinese business decisions are dependent on international and domestic forces, reflecting our corporate focus on facilitating hybrid strategies. China Counting, in extending the arguments made in China Calling, emphasises the need for constructive engagement. As a help for those dealing with Chinese global expansion both books make thought- provoking reading.' 'This book explains how China's historical values focus on the need for k...

Don't Keep Me A Secret: Proven Tactics to Get Referrals and Introductions

This book is an excellent practical guide on how to become more successful at obtaining quality referrals. I like the many and varied methods of generating the right kind of referrals. Love the book and the ideas. Have used them to help the frontline employees at work to increase their confidence and expertise in both the quality of work product and in obtaining clients through referrals to build their book of business. Not a hard se...

Biopharmaceutical Supply Chains

"Handfield challenges our current and arguably provincial notions of supply chain commonly held in the biopharmaceutical industry and forces us to really see it for what it is―a process that ultimately connects the initial product manufacturing process directly to the patient and all points in between. His systemic approach dismantles various paradigm silos to reveal a complex series of interconnected activities and players, demonstr...

Excellence in Managing Worldwide Customer Relationships

Every company is recognizing the critical importance of protecting its customer base by raising the bar of its customer service prowess. Excellence in Managing Worldwide Customer Relationships identifies the risks companies face when expanding their business model in both domestic and overseas markets and offers solutions, strategies, and a structure to minimize obstacles when selling to domestic and foreign markets while satisfying ...

Portfolio Management with Heuristic Optimization

Book covers different problems in financial optimization: the effects of (linear, proportional and combined) transaction costs together with integer constraints and limitations on the initital endowment to be invested; the diversification in small portfolios; the effect of cardinality constraints on the Markowitz efficient line; the effects (and hidden risks) of Value-at-Risk when used the relevant risk constraint; the problem factor...

Audit and Accounting Guide Depository and Lending Institutions

The financial services industry is undergoing significant change, which has added challenges for institutions assessing their operations and internal controls for regulatory considerations. This 2016 edition of this industry standard resource offers clear and practical guidance of audit and accounting issues such as transfers and servicing, troubled debt restructurings, financing receivables and the allowance for loan losses, and fai...