Praxishandbuch Korrespondenz

Geschäftsbriefe sind die Visitenkarte eines Unternehmens. Deshalb sind Kundenorientierung und eine klare, überzeugende Sprache die entscheidenden Anforderungen an eine moderne und effiziente Geschäftskorrespondenz. Vielfach ist die Korrespondenz jedoch farblos, bürokratisch oder gespickt mit Amtsdeutsch. Dieses Buch hilft, alte Zöpfe abzuschneiden und Sprachballast über Bord zu werfen und es zeigt, wie man Korrespondenz kundenorienti...

Torsten Strulik - Risikomanagement globaler Finanzmärkte

Im Zuge der Globalisierung und fortschreitenden Wissensbasierung der Finanzmärkte steigen die Anforderungen an den Umgang mit Risiken. Am Beispiel der Bankenregulierung stellt Torsten Strulik dar, wie ein neues globales Policy-Netzwerk anstelle nationalstaatlicher Regelsysteme die Funktion von Risikosteuerung und Folgenabschätzung übernimmt.

Coaching Life-changing Small Group Leaders

Small groups transform churches---and lives. Small group leaders often feel the weight of shepherding their members. But who shepherds the shepherd? And what are the best ways to provide that support and guidance? These are the questions answered in Coaching Life-Changing Small Group Leaders. When you're called to coach a small group leader in your church, your mind may be filled with questions: Am I godly enough? What do I have to o...

Functional Nucleic Acids Detection in Food Safety

This book focuses on the development and applications of functional nucleic acid-based detection methods in the context of food safety. Offering a comprehensive overview of nucleic acids detection method in food safety for professionals and members of the public interested in this area, the book is divided into two parts. Part I addresses the basic principle of nucleic acid detection, while Part II presents novel applications of dete...

Internes Rechnungswesen: Kosten- und Leistungsrechnung, Betriebsstatistik und Planungsrechnung

Das vorliegende Lehrbuch gibt einen systematischen Einblick in das interne Rechnungswesen und ist in idealer Weise auf das Bachelor-Studium abgestimmt. Neben der Kosten- und Leistungsrechnung wird, anders als bei den meisten anderen Lehrbüchern, auch die Betriebsstatistik und die Planungsrechnung behandelt. Der Leser erhält somit einen vollständigen Einblick in alle Bereiche des internen Rechnungswesens. Die Sachverhalte werden durch...

Plunkett's Energy Industry Almanac 2010

The energy industry is boiling over with changes. Deregulation, new opportunities in foreign fields and markets and environmental challenges are rushing together head-on to shape the energy and utilities business of the future. Extremely deep offshore wells in the Gulf of Mexico and offshore of West Africa are being drilled at immense cost. Meanwhile China has become a major energy importer and Russia has become a major exporter. In ...

Encyclopedia of E-commerce, E-government and Mobile Commerce

The Encyclopedia of E-Commerce, E-Government, and Mobile Commerce provides the most inclusive and up-to-date coverage of the e-technologies field. This two-volume encyclopedia includes quality contributions highlighting current concepts, trends, challenges, applications, and dot-com experiences in the field of e-commerce, e-government, and mobile commerce. With over 200 contributions from more than 300 experts and researchers worldwi...

"Geospatial Technology: Environmental and Social Applications" ed. by Pasquale Imperatore and Antonio Pepe

This book addresses environmental and social applications of geospatial technologies, thus also providing a multidisciplinary perspective on emerging geospatial techniques and tools. It consists of ten chapters offering insight into geospatial technology progress and trends. Authors present several application-oriented studies from various parts of the world, including applications in collaborative geomatics, geospatial statistics, G...

E-Commerce and Development Report 2004

Information and communications technologies (ICT) have considerable potential to promote development and economic growth, by helping to foster innovation, improve productivity and expand the knowledge capacity of developing countries, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. This is the fourth report in the series, published by UNCTAD, which seeks to assess the implications of the growing role of ICTs in economic developmen...