Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard

"Minervini has run circles around most PhDs trying to design systems to beat the market." -- JACK SCHWAGER, bestselling author of Stock Market Wizards "Mark's book has to be on every investor's bookshelf. It is about the most comprehensive work I have ever read on investing in growth stocks." -- DAVID RYAN, three-time U.S. Investing Champion "[Minervini is] one of the most highly respected independent traders of our generation. His e...

Snapchat: The Ultimate 2017 Money Machine - A Guide With Tips and Secrets On How To Make Money With Snapchat

Snapchat The Ultimate 2017 Money Machine - A Guide With Tips and Secrets On How To Make Money With Snapchat Snapchat is the hottest social media platfor around right now and plenty of people have found ways to leverage it to make extra money, some even discovering that Snapchat can be their full time job. This guide will show you how to use Snapchat, build an audience and turn into an integral part of your social media strategy to bu...

Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management in Mediterranean Countries

This book contains the refereed proceedings of the First International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management in Mediterranean Countries, ISCRAM-med 2014, held in Toulouse, France, in October 2014. The aim of ISCRAM-med was to gather researchers and practitioners working in the area of Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management, with a special but not limited focus on Mediterranean crises. Th...

The Emergence of the Urban Entrepreneur

Combining emerging trends in collaboration, democratization, and urbanization, this book examines the emergence of entrepreneurship and innovation as a primarily urban phenomenon, explains why urban environments are rapidly attracting global innovators across three distinct forms of "urbanpreneurship," and lights the path forward for entrepreneurs, innovators, and city governments. • Documents how the integration of three converging ...

The Political Algebra of Global Value Change

This book is intended to provide a new approach to the study of global values and global value change, based on representative international survey data, and above all, the World Values Survey. This theme is of growing interest not only to the international social science community, but also international policymakers and business and financial executives in the framework of international values and business studies. Since the book i...

Stochastic Differential Equations

A beginner’s guide to stochastic growth modeling The chief advantage of stochastic growth models over deterministic models is that they combine both deterministic and stochastic elements of dynamic behaviors, such as weather, natural disasters, market fluctuations, and epidemics. This makes stochastic modeling a powerful tool in the hands of practitioners in fields for which population growth is a critical determinant of outcomes. Ho...

The Leadership Secrets of Hamilton

Featured in Forbes.com, Inc.com, and USAToday.com VICTORIOUS in the War of American Independence, Alexander Hamilton and the founding fathers built the first successful democratic government. They'll forever go down in history as having changed the rules of leadership and redefined what it means to ignite change in people. As a modern day leader, you may not be establishing a new system of government ― but the principles of radical l...

Foundations of Financial Markets and Institutions (4th Edition)

A comprehensive exploration of the world's financial markets and institutions. Introduction; Financial Institutions, Financial Intermediaries, and Asset Management Firms; Depository Institutions: Activities and Characteristics; The U.S. Federal Reserve and the Creation of Money; Monetary Policy in the United States; Insurance Companies; Investment Companies and Exchange-Traded Funds; Pension Funds; Properties and Pricing of Financial...

2 Profitable Ways to Get Started with Online Marketing

Who Else Wants to Create a Business Starting from Scratch? Learn to Create a New Income Source by Starting Your Brand New Internet Business. No Huge Capital, No Technical Knowledge and No Business Experience Required. Here's a preview of what you'll discover: EBOOK SELLING MACHINE - How to find the best topic to target for your ebook - How to confirm the profitability of your niche - How to set your self up for successful writing - T...


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