World Development Report 2008

This book provide a great description of issues and agricultural development and the current status of the world. A very useful reference for anyone interested in development work, especially those in agriculture.

Trade Expansion through Market Connection

Production and export diversification expose firms to domestic and international competition, which enhances productivity and ultimately drives a country’s structural transformation from agriculture to industry to services. This structural transformation is accompanied by a spatial transformation seen in the increasing role of leading cities and their hinterlands in production and trade. As Central Asian countries cope with the effec...

Principles of Accounting

This book was required for my Accounting I & II classes. The authors have designed real life applications into the reading and assignments that make sense and bring the chapter's lessons into perspective. The addition of having access to the website companion allows the student to further study this foundations of accounting.

State of the Art and Practice in the Assessment of Earthquake-Induced Soil Liquefaction and Its Consequences

Earthquake-induced soil liquefaction (liquefaction) is a leading cause of earthquake damage worldwide. Liquefaction is often described in the literature as the phenomena of seismic generation of excess porewater pressures and consequent softening of granular soils. Many regions in the United States have been witness to liquefaction and its consequences, not just those in the west that people associate with earthquake hazards. Past da...

Managing High-Stakes Risk

The threat we face from high-stakes risk has never been higher. These challenges include environmental pollution, fragile financial systems and the threat of widespread geopolitical violence. This book suggests that a return to natural risk levels – those in accordance with naturally occurring background levels – is both desirable and achievable.

From Agglomeration to Innovation (IDE-JETRO Series)

This book provides a coherent and useful framework to explain the formation of agglomeration and the endogenous innovation process of upgrading industrial clusters to the higher R&D. It contains country studies including; China, India, Japan, Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Innovation, Intellectual Property, and Economic Growth

"This important book breaks new ground in identifying and analyzing the key ingredients driving economic growth. By weaving together the links between intellectual property and innovative activity and their ultimate impact on growth, Greenhalgh and Rogers provide a new and original framework for guiding both public policy and future scholarship, one that is compelling and accessible."

The Mathematics of Money

The Mathematics of Money: Math for Business and Personal Finance covers all the traditional topics of the business math course, but with a more algebraic focus than many of the texts currently on the market. The text develops a solid understanding of percent and interest early, then applies that foundation to other applications in business and personal finance. While it is appropriate for students of all levels, the book takes the ap...

Asian versus Western Management Thinking: Its Culture-Bound Nature

'Navigating paradigm changes is a critical element of business leadership: analog to digital; brand to retailer to consumer; reason to emotion; West to East. Anything that illuminates these powershifts is valuable for the fast-moving decision-maker, and in this respect Asian versus Western Management Thinking is a first-rate inquiry into cultural business behaviors. Insular frameworks of thinking and action matter less by the second....