Project Management Handbook (management For Professionals)

This practical handbook offers a comprehensive guide to efficient project management. It pursues a broad, well-structured approach, suitable for most projects, and allows newcomers, experienced project managers and decision-makers to find valuable input that matches their specific needs. The Project Management Compass guides readers through various sections of the book; templates and checklists offer additional support. The handbook’...

Lethal Generosity: Contextual Technology And The Competitive Edge

If you're a manager, there are dozens of books out there that tell you how competition is getting tougher, how disruptive technology is eliminating traditional ways of doing jobs, etc. Shel Israel's new book, "Lethal Generosity", fast-forwards through all of the mumbo-jumbo and focuses like a laser beam on a single lesson that any business can learn from. The rest of the book is dedicated to fleshing out that lesson. With some three ...

I Did It My Way!: Geschichten Von Mutigen Machern, Querdenkern Und Revolutionären

Dieses Buch ist eine Absage an ausgelaufene Pfade, überholte Denkmuster und unreflektierte tägliche Routinen. Im Alltag bleiben wir allerdings viel zu oft bei den gelernten Spielregeln, sei es aus Gewohnheit, Bequemlichkeit oder der Angst vor Neuem. Wenn es aber gelingt, derartige Glaubenssätze zu erkennen und diese zu überwinden, kann das die Geburtsstunde neuer Ideen und gar revolutionärer Geschäftsmodelle sein.  Wie das gelingen k...

Fair Trade: Market-driven Ethical Consumption

'Today, Fair Trade finds itself at a crucial point in its evolution from alternative trading mechanism to a mainstream economic model. As the only certifier in the largest Fair Trade market in the world, TransFair USA has observed the explosive growth in consumer awareness and business interest in Fair Trade certification. New research into the progress of Fair Trade to date and, crucially, its key future directions is urgently neede...

The Routledge Companion To Critical Management Studies

Drawing on the expertise of an international team of contributing scholars, The Routledge Companion to Critical Management Studies is a rich resource and the perfect reference tool for students and researchers of management and organization. The scholarly field of Critical Management Studies (CMS) is in a state of flux. Against a backdrop of dramatic global shifts, CMS scholarship has lately taken a number of new and exciting directi...

From Crisis To Confidence: Macroeconomics After The Crash

From Crisis to Confidence not only describes the process which the economy must go through before a full recovery after the financial crash, it also describes the journey that must be travelled by the discipline of economics. As economics students and other commentators question post-war macroeconomics, Roger Koppl provides some of the answers needed to understand the long slump since 2008. A theory of confidence is needed in any eco...

Public Relations In The Nonprofit Sector: Theory And Practice

Nonprofit organizations are managing to carry out sophisticated public relations programming that cultivates relationships with their key audiences. Their public relations challenges, however, have routinely been understudied. Budgetary and staffing restraints often limit how these organizations carry out their fundraising, public awareness and activism efforts, and client outreach. This volume explores a range of public relations th...

Management As Consultancy: Neo-bureaucracy And The Consultant Manager

The nature of management is changing: managers are becoming more like consultants, focusing on projects, functional integration, change and 'clients'. This timely book is based on a large-scale, international study of new management practices and examines the emergence of consultant managers. It breaks new ground in our understanding of this hybrid role, uncovering working practices, identities and occupational dynamics, to shed ligh...

Cracking The Code: My Journey In Bollywood

So you love the spotlight and drama of Bollywood, and want to make it your life. But what is the right time to become a professional actor? What sort of hindrances are you likely to face as you make your way through the film and television industry? Where will this road take you? And, most importantly, how do you make it happen? In Cracking the Code, Ayushmann Khurrana actor, singer and television personality tries to answer these qu...

The Seven Secrets Of Germany: Economic Resilience In An Era Of Global Turbulence

Audretsch and Lehmann have written a page turner of a book that explains how Germany has become the most successful globalized economy in the world. They combine a dazzling mastery of economic theory with real-life experiences and lessons for other Western countries that are struggling to compete in a global economy. This is by far the best explanation available on the secrets of Germany's revival from being the "sick man of Europe" ...