Resumes For Health And Medical Careers

Nearly 100 sample resumes and 20 cover letters for each field-more than any competing series A workbook format to organize information before writing a resume Perfect for college grads and people changing careers or re-entering the job market A variety of eye-catching resume formats  

Mergers And Merger Remedies In The Eu: Assessing The Consequences For Competition

Headlines are made when the European Commission prohibits a merger, but this is actually very rare. Clearances subject to conditions (i.e. remedies) happen ten times as frequently, but have received far less attention in academic literature. This book provides an empirical assessment of the effectiveness of merger remedies, employing a novel simulation methodology based on formal economic theory.

Architektur Intelligenter Verkehrssysteme (ivs): Grundlagen, Begriffsbestimmungen, Überblick, Entwicklungsstand

Dr.-Ing. Philip Krüger ist Leiter des Forschungsbereichs „Intelligente Verkehrssysteme“ (IVS) am Fachgebiet Verkehrsplanung und Verkehrstechnik  der Technischen Universität Darmstadt. Philip Krüger liefert einen Überblick zur Architektur Intelligenter Verkehrssysteme (IVS) und vermittelt wichtige Grundlagen und Entwicklungstrends im Themenfeld. Der Autor beschreibt den Fortschritt in Deutschland zur Erarbeitung einer umfassenden und ...

Research Methods For Business Students

Research Methods for Business Students has been fully revised for this seventh edition and continues to be the market-leading textbook in its field, guiding hundreds of thousands of student researchers to success in their research methods modules, research proposals, projects and dissertations. Regular checklists and ‘Progressing your research project’ sections to give you step-by-step practical guidance on the process A glossary of ...

Cloud Computing Networking: Theory, Practice, And Development

Cloud Computing Networking: Theory, Practice, and Development includes numerous examples, figures, and screen shots to help you understand the information. Each chapter concludes with a summary of the major topics and a set of review questions. With this book, you will soon have the critical knowledge and skills to develop and manage cloud-based networks. his book is designed to help you quickly get started in deploying cloud service...

31 Days Of Living Well And Spending Zero

Practical Advice for Getting Ahead Ever feel like your budget has gone off track, or make it to the end of the month and wonder where your money actually went? A month of no-spending is the perfect way to reset your spending habits, but doing it alone can seem downright scary. What if there was a simple resource that offered a month of daily challenges for spending not just less, but absolutely ZERO. What if you could gain confidence...

Cost, Effectiveness And Deployment Of Fuel Economy Technologies For Light-duty Vehicles

The light-duty vehicle fleet is expected to undergo substantial technological changes over the next several decades. New powertrain designs, alternative fuels, advanced materials and significant changes to the vehicle body are being driven by increasingly stringent fuel economy and greenhouse gas emission standards. By the end of the next decade, cars and light-duty trucks will be more fuel efficient, weigh less, emit less air pollut...

Strategic Thinking In Tactical Times

The premise of the book is to provide insight into new ways through which corporations create and execute strategies. It is the result of a 24-hour intensive workshop that brought together over twenty strategy practitioners from multiple industries. They were asked to consider the proposition that strategy is shifting from a product of an elite group of people within the firm to a process that aggregates strategic thinking from all l...

Globalising Japanese Organisational Culture

Globalisation – the global movement, and control, of products, capital, technologies, persons and images – increasingly takes place through the work of organisations, perhaps the most powerful of which are multinational corporations. Based in an ethnographic analysis of cross-cultural social interactions in everyday workplace practices at a subsidiary of an elite, Japanese consumer electronics multinational in France, this book intim...

Hedges On Hedge Funds: How To Successfully Analyze And Select An Investment

Hedge funds are among today's fastest-growing investment opportunities. With an estimated 7,500-plus hedge funds worldwide, ever-increasing numbers of investors are profiting from the proven hedge fund advantage. We say estimated because, along with being one of the hottest investments around, hedge funds are also among the most secretive. Forbidden by law from engaging in any form of public solicitation for new clients, hedge funds ...