How To Be An Even Better Manager: A Complete A-z Of Proven Techniques And Essential Skills, 7 Edition

This new edition of the bestselling How to be an Even Better Manager covers 50 key topics, organized into the three key areas in which any manager needs to be competent: managing people; managing activities and processes; managing and developing yourself. With new chapters on how to learn, achieve continuous improvement, get engagement, make a business case and prepare a business plan this is an invaluable handbook for existing and a...

Time Series Econometrics: A Concise Introduction

This book provides an introductory treatment of time series econometrics, a subject that is of key importance to both students and practitioners of economics. It contains material that any serious student of economics and finance should be acquainted with if they are seeking to gain an understanding of a real functioning economy rather than just having a working knowledge of a set of academically constructed models of some abstract a...

The Ape In The Corner Office: Understanding The Workplace Beast In All Of Us

This book is an excellent treatment of how we behave in organizations. The comparisons and metaphors to apes, tribes and others in the animal kingdom provides a terrific lens through which we can view all sorts of corporate behavior. As a management consultant and executive coach, I am always looking for unique and interesting ways to teach my clients new approaches for performance improvement and organizational effectiveness. Connif...

The Ultimate Field Guide To Digital Program Management

I just finished reading this amazing book/field guide, and this will become now my first recommendation for any social media manager, digital marketer, community managers and students in the field of communications.. This book will give you a clear step-by-step guide to implement a digital communication programme that is tied to business results and business objectives. I was already a big fan of the Social Media ROI by Olivier Blanc...

L’orthographe Haut La Main ! : Les Guides Complices De L’étudiant

L'orthographe haut la main! vous présente en détail les attentes des examinateurs, les " chausse-trappes " les plus fréquentes, et les "petits plus" méthodologiques qui font la différence. Autodiagnostics, exercices à compléter, exemples concrets, guides de progression... sont autant d'outils qui vous livreront les secrets d'une orthographe maîtrisée pour te jour de votre examen ou de votre concours.

Unequal Ageing In Europe: Women’s Independence And Pensions

While much is known about the situation in the labour market in the form of gender pay and earnings gaps, rather little is understood about their sequel in old age—the gender pension gap. Entering the world of pensions may well signal a step backwards as far as women's independence is concerned, particularly in countries where women have earned economic independence in employment and are now being confronted by institutional framewor...

Managing Risk And Opportunity: The Governance Of Strategic Risk-taking

his book promotes good risk governance and risk management practices to corporate managers, executives, and directors wherever they operate around the world. The major corporate scandals have their roots in governance failure pointing to the link between risk governance and good performance outcomes. This topic is timely and of interest both to the academic community as well as to practicing managers, executives, and directors. The v...

Project Management Handbook (management For Professionals)

This practical handbook offers a comprehensive guide to efficient project management. It pursues a broad, well-structured approach, suitable for most projects, and allows newcomers, experienced project managers and decision-makers to find valuable input that matches their specific needs. The Project Management Compass guides readers through various sections of the book; templates and checklists offer additional support. The handbook’...

Lethal Generosity: Contextual Technology And The Competitive Edge

If you're a manager, there are dozens of books out there that tell you how competition is getting tougher, how disruptive technology is eliminating traditional ways of doing jobs, etc. Shel Israel's new book, "Lethal Generosity", fast-forwards through all of the mumbo-jumbo and focuses like a laser beam on a single lesson that any business can learn from. The rest of the book is dedicated to fleshing out that lesson. With some three ...

I Did It My Way!: Geschichten Von Mutigen Machern, Querdenkern Und Revolutionären

Dieses Buch ist eine Absage an ausgelaufene Pfade, überholte Denkmuster und unreflektierte tägliche Routinen. Im Alltag bleiben wir allerdings viel zu oft bei den gelernten Spielregeln, sei es aus Gewohnheit, Bequemlichkeit oder der Angst vor Neuem. Wenn es aber gelingt, derartige Glaubenssätze zu erkennen und diese zu überwinden, kann das die Geburtsstunde neuer Ideen und gar revolutionärer Geschäftsmodelle sein.  Wie das gelingen k...