The Future Of Multi-pillar Pensions

Pension systems are under serious pressure worldwide. This book reconsiders the multi-pillar pension scheme against the background of these pressures. It asks how the pension system contributes to the three basic functions of pension schemes: facilitating life-cycle financial planning, insuring idiosyncratic risks and sharing macroeconomic risks across generations.

Inside Volatility Filtering: Secrets Of The Skew, 2 Edition

A new, more accurate take on the classical approach to volatility evaluation Inside Volatility Filtering presents a new approach to volatility estimation, using financial econometrics based on a more accurate estimation of the hidden state. Based on the idea of "filtering", this book lays out a two-step framework involving a Chapman-Kolmogorov prior distribution followed by Bayesian posterior distribution to develop a robust estimati...

Managing Projects In Research And Development

Ron Basu never disappoints. His books show how to make things happen. In this book he draws on his many years as a project manager and on his teaching experience as an MBA lecturer to provide an easy to read strategy for taking a R and D project from inception through to fruition. His how to do it approach is supported by well researched case studies. Highly recommended. Research and Development is the vehicle by which organizations ...

Killing Fairfax: Packer, Murdoch And The Ultimate Revenge

This is a very well-written and comprehensive record of how the modern electronic advertising media overtook the traditional print media, taking the reader right into the boardrooms where the high-flyers did their deals as well as many background stories. An incisive, hard-hitting and utterly compelling expose of media, powerful mates and multimillion-dollar deals that reads like a thriller. "Not since tHE LAtHAM DIARIES came out in ...

A Crowdfunder's Strategy Guide

“Stegmaier (founder, Stonemaier Games) uses his experiences funding a game company through Kickstarter to offer a fun and readable guide to running a crowdfunding campaign. He treats a Kickstarter campaign as a serious business requiring planning, thought, and networking. Stegmaier's approach encourages building trust with buyers and suggests that crowdfunders secure support and a strong community online well before launching any fun...

Anti-money Laundering In A Nutshell

Anti–Money Laundering in a Nutshellis a concise, accessible, and practical guide to compliance with anti–money laundering law for financial professionals, corporate investigators, business managers, and all personnel of financial institutions who are required, under penalty of hefty fines, to get anti–money laundering training. Money laundering is endemic. As much as 5 percent of global GDP ($3.6 trillion) is laundered by criminals e...

The Third Screen, New Edition: The Ultimate Guide To Mobile Marketing

Our mobile devices are indispensable digital co-pilots, which is why 'the third screen' is fast becoming the most important screen. If you want to stay relevant to your customers, apply the lessons from this book. We are in the midst of a technological revolution bigger than the television or the PC. How do we, as marketers, harness mobile technology to serve our customers most effectively? With the “first screen”—the television—comp...

Essentials Of Taxation 2016: Individuals And Business Entities

Clearly introduce today's most important tax concepts and ever-changing tax legislation with Raabe/Maloney/Young/Smith/Nellen's SOUTH-WESTERN FEDERAL TAXATION 2016: ESSENTIALS OF TAXATION: INDIVIDUALS AND BUSINESS ENTITIES, 19E. Renowned for its understandable, time-tested presentation, this book remains the most effective solution for helping students thoroughly grasp taxation concepts and applications. Students will now benefit fro...

What to Do When You're New

Have you ever felt nervous in new situations? Reluctant to introduce yourself? Afraid to ask questions? We all have. But if you let those worries stop you, you may miss out on real opportunity. Whether you’re changing jobs, joining a group, or moving to a new city, putting yourself out there enriches life and brings rewards. What to Do When You’re New combines the author’s research with that of leading scientists to explain why we ar...