Asian versus Western Management Thinking: Its Culture-Bound Nature

'Navigating paradigm changes is a critical element of business leadership: analog to digital; brand to retailer to consumer; reason to emotion; West to East. Anything that illuminates these powershifts is valuable for the fast-moving decision-maker, and in this respect Asian versus Western Management Thinking is a first-rate inquiry into cultural business behaviors. Insular frameworks of thinking and action matter less by the second....

Human Resource Management in a Hospitality Environment

This new textbook provides a complete study of human resource management from the perspective of management and operation in a hospitality environment. The hospitality industry continues to grow every day, bringing new challenges and opportunities. This up-to-date textbook provides the information on effective human resource management that managers need to know to succeed in today’s competitive hospitality business environment.

Financial Econometrics Modeling

This book proposes new methods to build optimal portfolios and to analyze market liquidity and volatility under market microstructure effects, as well as new financial risk measures using parametric and non-parametric techniques. In particular, it investigates the market microstructure of foreign exchange and futures markets.

The Fear Factor: What Happens When Fear Grips Wall Street

A fascinating discussion of the role played by fear in financial market panics. Professor Read demonstrates, in easy-to-understand terms, that rising market fear portends to major financial declines. He explains the science and the economics of fear and shows that the financial market has learned how to capitalize on investor or economic fear

Ich verdiene mehr Gehalt!

Nirgends spricht man so wenig über Gehälter wie hierzulande. Doch insgeheim fragen sich viele: Verdiene ich genug für das, was ich leiste? Was verdient mein Kollege? Bin ich vielleicht in der »falschen« (weil unterbezahlten) Branche gelandet? Nur wer sich mit Gehältern gut auskennt, kann in der eigenen Gehaltsverhandlung souverän auftreten. Konfrontiert mit unrealistischen Gehaltsvorstellungen, ist es für den Chef ein Leichtes, jeden...

One Goal, Two Paths

Despite the East Asia and Pacific (EAP) region's impressive economic growth, over 1 billion of its people still lack access to electricity and modern cooking solutions. To achieve universal access to modern energy by 2030, this book exhorts EAP countries to advance simultaneously on two paths: (1) accelerate programs for grid and off-grid electricity through appropriate policies and innovative technologies; and (2) scale up access to...

Nine Practices of 21st Century Leadership

Leadership can be so misleading and misunderstood BUT after you have had a chance to read Dr. DePaul's book, that will change for you. As a professor at UNC Charlotte in the Belk College of Business, I am always looking for the most current, impactful and interesting content for my students. Dr. DePaul's book provides easy to understand and apply principles and practices. He has also spoken to several of my classes and the value of '...

Negotiation for Procurement Professionals, 2nd Edition

Highly effective negotiation skills are an essential element of a purchasing professional's toolkit. Negotiation for Procurement Professionals provides a step-by-step approach to delivering winning negotiations and getting game changing results. It provides purchasers with the necessary tools and tactics for a detailed, planned approach to negotiation. Jonathan O'Brien shifts the emphasis away from relying mostly upon personality to ...

Opening Doors: (MENA Development Report)

In the last two decades, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has closed many critical gender gaps, especially in ensuring equal access for girls and boys to education and healthcare. Today, the region can be proud that its women are enrolling in far greater numbers in university than ever before, and indeed, in many countries, young women are more educated than young men. At the same time, MENA has also witnessed the large...

Brilliant Persuasion

At last here is a book that provides the power for that "Light bulb moment". I have been a Headhunter, Executive Business and Career Coach for more than thirty years and read many books on the subject of persuasion. I have been impressed by some and bored by others, this one is exciting. Stephen has clearly worked hard to research past and recent behavioural philosophies and develop and build on the concepts and he has delivered by w...