Cavitation: A Novel Energy-Efficient Technique for the Generation of Nanomaterials

58743b197f30f.jpg Author Muthupandian Ashokkumar and Sivakumar Manickam
Isbn 9789814411547
File size 38.2MB
Year 2014
Pages 454
Language English
File format PDF
Category Chemistry

Book Description:

As nanomaterials and their end products occupy the pinnacle position of consumer markets, it becomes vital to analyze their generation processes. One of the green chemistry principles underlines the need for unusual energy sources to generate them. Utilizing the extreme energy from the collapse of cavitation bubbles, generated by either ultrasound or hydrodynamic forces, for the generation of nanomaterials is a merit to consider in this "Green Chemical Processing Era."

A wide range of nanomaterials have been developed in the past decade using cavitation or coupling cavitation with other techniques such as microwave, photochemistry, and electrochemistry, resulting in nanomaterials with unique morphologies, reduced size, narrow size distribution, and innumerous advantages. While a few currently available books deal with the fundamental aspects of cavitation and sonochemistry, this book is devoted specifically to the technologically important nanomaterials obtained by cavitation.




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