Cheating: Gaining Advantage in Videogames

00458beb_medium Author Mia Consalvo
Isbn 9780262033657
File size 1.32MB
Year 2007
Pages 240
Language English
File format PDF
Category Philosophy

Book Description:

Mia Consalvo's analysis of cheating is a bold contribution to the growing games studies literature. She shows how the concept can help us draw meaningful connections between the technical, economic, aesthetic, and social aspects of game culture. How can we cheat if the possibilities are hardcoded into the game, and if the tips or tools we are using are sold to us by the game company? How can players have so many different and contradictory ideas about what constitutes cheating in an electronic game? Where does cheating end and social networking/collaboration begin? I will be pondering some of these questions long after I put the book aside.


"An intriguing look at one of the most maligned aspects of gameplay, *Cheating* explores the act of subverting game rules from a range of perspectives and finds, surprisingly, not villains and spoilsports, but players of all types engaged in a complex negotiation of personal, cultural, and industrial exchange."--Tracy Fullerton, Codirector, Electronic Arts Game Innovation Lab, University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts



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