Chemical Warfare Toxicology: Volume 2: Management of Poisoning

(Issues in Toxicology)

51CeI4kddCL._SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_ Author Bronwen Jugg, Daan Noort, Franz Worek, Robert Read, and Robin Black
Isbn 9781782628033
File size 30.8MB
Year 2016
Pages 346
Language English
File format PDF
Category Chemistry

Book Description:

Despite ongoing efforts to prohibit the production, storage and use of chemical warfare agents recent world events highlight the enduring threat to the population from these agents. Research efforts in various countries have resulted in novel insights into chemical warfare toxicology that has enabled the development of new approaches for the diagnosis and treatment of chemical warfare poisoning.


This book provides an up-to-date treatise on the diagnosis and verification of exposure, and the pre- and post-exposure treatment of poisoning. Focussing on the most important representative nerve and blistering agents, whilst also covering other potential chemical warfare agents, this book will give the reader a comprehensive overview of the many different aspects of chemical warfare agent toxicology. The text will appeal to toxicologists, biochemists and weapons specialists working in industry and academia, and anyone with an interest in chemical warfare toxicology or exposure.


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