Edexcel Igcse Chemistry Revision Guide

* Contains content summaries and key points for all the topics in the specification. * Offers advice on how to answer questions assessing practical skills. * Includes full explanations of the terms used in papers and what will be expected. * Includes common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid. * Also includes questions taken from past Edexcel International GCSE Chemistry papers, relevant to the 2009 specification. * Free Student CD in the...

Polymers For Vascular And Urogenital Applications

This book not only integrates clinical needs with current and future research responses but also provides a comprehensive overview to foster future innovation. It illustrates how two important and dissimilar areas in medicine can be interrelated by shared biomaterials and explores the clinical paradigm that establishes the driving force for innovation. In a carefully crafted, multidisciplinary, skillfully focused format, Polymers for...

Introduction To Polymer Science And Chemistry: A Problem Solving Approach

A gem of a book! Well written and backed by solid scholarship and many years of teaching and research work, this very accessible and lucid introduction to the subject is an essential purchase for those in search of a book that unites polymer science and polymer chemistry in a harmonious presentation that includes recent developments….An ideal introductory text and self study vehicle, it will soon establish itself as a must-read for m...

Named Organic Reactions

This Second edition contains consise information on 134 carefully chosen named organic reactions - the standard set of undergraduate and graduate synthetic organic chemistry courses. Each reaction is detailed with clearly drawn mechanisms, references from the primary literature, and well-written accounts covering the mechanical aspects of the reactions, and the details of side reactions and substrate limitations. For the 2nd edition ...

Analytical Chemistry For Technicians, Third Edition

this book can be a valuable resource for any chemistry student and indeed, for practitioners, laboratory scientists, teachers, and professors-anyone who needs to know something about how laboratory analyses are carried out...Numerous experiments and questions at the end of the chapter illustrate concepts and manipulations taught in that chapter. Surpassing its bestselling predecessors, this thoroughly updated third edition is designe...

Elements Of The P Block

Presenting a systematic approach to the chemistry of the p Block elements and hydrogen, this book also introduces some basic topics concerning chemical bonding, such as oxidation numbers, bond strengths, dipole moments and intermolecular forces. The chemistry is illustrated by coverage of the biological role of nitric oxide and of hydrogen bonding, and the new chemistry of carbon nanotubes. Applied aspects of the topic are developed ...

Cosmeceuticals And Active Cosmetics: Drugs Vs. Cosmetics, 2nd Edition

an excellent treatise on cosmeceuticals, especially useful for the dermatologist and the dermatologic cosmetic surgeon. Completely revised and expanded, this Second Edition thoroughly examines the wide array of new and emerging cosmeceutical compounds from antiaging, skin care and repair, moisturizing, and protective compounds to agents with antimicrobial and antiirritant properties.

Research And Practices In Water Quality Ed

A range of diverse topics in the field of water quality modelling, statistical evaluation and guidelines pertaining to the best management practices in different locations around the world is given herein. Water qualityrefers to the chemical, physical, biological, and radiological characteristics of water. It is a measure of the condition of water for the purposes intended for. It is most frequently used by reference to a set of stan...

Hydroprocessing Of Heavy Oils And Residua

Many oil refineries employ hydroprocessing for removing sulfur and other impurities from petroleum feedstocks. Capable of handling heavier feedstocks than other refining techniques, hydroprocessing enables refineries to produce higher quality products from unconventional — and formerly wasted — sources.  Hydroprocessing of Heavy Oils and Residua illustrates how to obtain maximum yields of high-value products from heavy oils and resid...