Advances In Bioremediation Of Wastewater And Polluted Soil Ed.

This book deals with advances in the bioremediation of polluted soil and groundwater. The readers will be able to obtain new ideas about effective bioremediation as well as important information about recent advances in bioremediation. The pollution of soil and groundwater by heavy metals and other chemicals is becoming a serious issue in many countries. However, the current bioremediation processes do not often achieve sufficient re...

New Insights Into Toxicity And Drug Testing Ed.

This book covers all emerging technologies (profiling technologies, 3D cultures, next generation sequencing etc.), available methods and models to evaluate candidate drugs and medicinal plants with reference to toxicity, drug testing and development. This book is an original contribution of experts from different parts of the globe and the in-depth information will be a significant resource for scientists and physicians who are direc...

Françoise Quentin Et Collectif, Maxi Fiches – Biochimie : En 84 Fiches, 2e Éd.

Les ouvrages de la collection « Maxi-Fiches » s'adressent aux étudiants désireux de maîtriser les fondamentaux d'une discipline. En 85 fiches synthétiques sont présentées toutes les grandes notions de la biochimie (biomolécules, cycles métaboliques, bioénergétique, enzymologie...). Chaque fiche est illustrée par de nombreux schémas pour aider l'étudiant à assimiler rapidement et à mémoriser des notions indispensables à connaître. Dan...

Handbook On Herbicides: Biological Activity, Classification And Health Environmental Implications

In this handbook, the authors present current research in the study of the biological activity, classification and health and environmental implications of herbicides. Topics discussed include productive degradation of dichlorprop by transconjugant strains; weeds and their mechanisms of resistance to herbicides; application of 31P-NMR spectroscopy to glyphosate studies in plants; lethal and sublethal glyphosate effects on non-target ...

Microbial Life Of The Deep Biosphere (life In Extreme Environments)

This book brings together a variety of topics, covering the broad range of issues that are associated with deep biosphere exploration. In order to explain our observations from deep subsurface ecosystems it is necessary to develop interdisciplinary approaches, ranging from microbiology and geochemistry to physics and modeling. This volume will be of high interest to biologists, chemists and earth scientists all working on the deep bi...

New Frontiers In Colloid Science: A Celebration Of The Career Of Brian Vincent

This book offers an account of the career of Brian Vincent and an autobiographical summary of his impact on the field. Some of the topics covered include: The Adsorption of Small, Negative Particles onto Large Positive Particles; Polymer Chemistry, Hypervelocity Physics and the CASSINI Space Mission; The BV Droplets Downunder: From Model Emulsions to Drug Delivery; Polymers and Surfactants at Interfaces; Controlled Release as Desorpt...

Basic Principles Of Inorganic Chemistry: Making The Connections By Brian Murphy

General chemistry textbooks are usually lengthy and present chemistry to the student as an unconnected list of facts. In inorganic chemistry, emphasis should be placed on the connections between valence shell electron configuration and the physical and chemical properties of the element. Basic Principles of Inorganic Chemistry: Making the Connections is a short, concise book that emphasises these connections, in particular the chemis...

Sterile Product Facility Design And Project Management, Second Edition

Breaking the project life-cycle into four phases, the text takes you through each phase from the Project Manager's viewpoint. Unlike other books that cover design, technology, and validation in general terms, this book addresses the industry specific issues that make biotech facilities so costly and difficult to deliver. It puts the pieces of the puzzle together in a manner that increases your opportunity for success.

100 Fiches Pratiques : Sécurité Des Produits Chimiques Au Laboratoire

Les produits chimiques utilisés dans les laboratoires (industrie et recherche) sont accompagnés chacun d’une fiche de données sécurité élaborée par le fabricant. Malheureusement, ces “fiches” sont d’un accès difficile et contiennent nombre d’informations erronées. Cet ouvrage propose des fiches simplifiées sur une centaine de produits utilisés couramment en laboratoire, en présentant toutes les informations utiles à leur manipulation...