Handbook of Engineering and Specialty Thermoplastics, Nylons (Volume 4)

This final volume in the Handbook of Engineering and Speciality Thermoplastics covers Nylons and details the developments of the last decade with respect to their polymerization, properties, synthesis, and applications. Volume 4 on Nylons is a unique compilation and covers many of the recent technical research accomplishments in the area of engineering polymers, such as nitrogen containing main chain polymers (Nylons). The book empha...

Managing Hazardous Reactions and Compounds in Process Chemistry

There is always potential for hazards during chemical reactions that can lead to accidents resulting in loss of time, equipment, products and harm to people. The hazards may result from uncontrolled exothermic reactions or secondary exothermic reactions such as decomposition of a reactant, reagent or product. Hazards may also occur from impurities or metal residues that can catalyze undesired exothermic reactions or decompositions. M...

Chemical Warfare Toxicology: Volume 2: Management of Poisoning

Despite ongoing efforts to prohibit the production, storage and use of chemical warfare agents recent world events highlight the enduring threat to the population from these agents. Research efforts in various countries have resulted in novel insights into chemical warfare toxicology that has enabled the development of new approaches for the diagnosis and treatment of chemical warfare poisoning.   This book provides an up-to-dat...

Advances in CO2 Capture, Sequestration, and Conversion

The earth's sustainable development is threatened by the energy exhaustion and rising atmospheric concentrations of CO2 linked to global warming. One of the causes of the energy crisis and the increased atmospheric CO2 content could be the imbalance between the rapid consumption of fossil fuels due to anthropogenic activities and the slow formation of fossil fuels. An efficient method for counteracting the imbalance in the carbon cyc...

Soy Based Chemicals and Materials

The use of biobased feedstocks and products produced from them are becoming increasingly established in the chemical industry. Significant advancements in processing, formulation, biotechnology, and chemical modification have enabled biobased materials to be used alongside petroleum hydrocarbon derived materials and provide additional performance capabilities. There is growing interest in biobased products in the scientific community...

Polymer Precursor-Derived Carbon

This volume focuses on the new and exciting areas of carbons formed from the pyrolysis of polymers and ionic liquids as well as from the synthesis and self-assembly of polyaromatic and mesophase molecules. Although polymer precursor carbons have been extant for a very long period of time in the form of glassy carbons and matrices for carbon-carbon composites, these new materials are much more sophisticated in that their properties ca...

Amino Acid Chelation in Human and Animal Nutrition

Although introduction of amino acid chelates in mineral nutrition initially met considerable skepticism and controversy, the greater absorption and bioavailability of amino acid chelated minerals compared to nonchelated minerals have been well-documented for decades. Amino Acid Chelation in Human and Animal Nutrition compiles published chemical, nutritional, and clinical studies with new unpublished research. It interprets the combin...

Lightweight Materials from Biopolymers and Biofibers

For the first time, this book presents state-of-the-art research and technologies on the utilization of materials from biobased resources and weight reduction of industrial products, the two interest-arousing aspects in material industries nowadays. Dependence on petroleum-derived products and urgent need in reduction of energy consumption propelled the development of light-weight products from renewable biobased materials, including...

Excel for Chemists: A Comprehensive Guide, 3 edition

This is a very useful book, especially if you are an old-time user of Excel, and feel torn between the comfort and efficiency of Excel 2003 versus the space- and time-hogging ribbons of Excel 2007 and 2010. Billo nicely juxtaposes these, and explains how to go about your business in either format. The book is subdivided into five parts: the basics (228 pages), advanced topics (167 pages), spreadsheet math (86 pages), VBA (63 pages) a...

Supercapacitors Based on Carbon or Pseudocapacitive Materials (Iste)

Electrochemical capacitors are electrochemical energy storage devices able to quickly deliver or store large quantities of energy. They have stimulated numerous innovations throughout the last 20 years and are now implemented in many fields. Supercapacitors Based on Carbon or Pseudocapacitive Materials provides the scientific basis for a better understanding of the characteristics and performance of electrochemical capacitors based o...