Chemical Technology in Antiquity (ACS Symposium Series)

"The chapters all provide a generally reliable narrative introduction to their respective topics, with careful documentation from secondary literature. [...] students without knowledge of chemistry will find clear introductions to most of the important technologies of the ancient world that made use of chemical processes." -- John Peter Oleson, Metascience

State-of-the-Art and Emerging Technologies for Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibody Characterization, Volume 2

The focus of this volume is the characterization of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). The book focuses both on general aspects, techniques, and regulatory concerns common to any recombinant protein, as well as specific analytical results. Volume 2 therefore serves as both a foundational body of NISTmAb product knowledge as well as an evaluation of its suitability as an industry-appropriate reference material (RM). In Volume 1, a framewor...

Properties and Testing Techniques of Inorganic Materials II

This book comprises papers presented in the Seventh Annual Meeting on Testing and Evaluation of Advanced Materials, which was held from April 20 to 22, 2016, in Xi'an, China. Collected papers covered most aspects of analysis techniques for chemical composition and microstructures, testing techniques on mechanical, chemical, and physical properties of advanced materials (mainly inorganic materials, including ceramics, glasses, concret...

Recent Developments in Mass Transport and Related Phenomena in Materials

The topical volume “Recent Developments in Mass Transport and Related Phenomena in Materials” is intended to capture a broad cross-section of contemporary research on mass transport and related phenomena in a wide spectrum of technologically important materials. The range of topics presented in this volume is very wide, covering theory, computer simulations and experiments dealing with a wide variety of materials. This reflects the e...

Environmental Transport Processes, 2 edition

The book discusses the fundamentals of transport processes occurring in natural environments, with special emphasis on working at the biological–physical interface. It considers transport and kinetics in terms of systems that involve microorganisms, along with in-depth coverage of particles, size spectra, and calculations for particles that can be considered either spheres or fractals. The book's treatment of particles as fractals is...

Developing and Maintaining a Successful Undergraduate Research Program

Professors and research advisors have always endeavored to make the opportunity to gain new knowledge available to their students. However, new knowledge takes different forms. From a student perspective, it comes from reading textbooks and primary literature or attending classes and seminars. Professors share in these activities with their students, but they know that physically taking part in the acquisition of new knowledge throug...

Nitric Oxide Synthase: Simple Enzyme-Complex Roles

This book provides information on nitric oxide synthase, a biomolecule of key importance for the different biological systems, including central and peripheral nervous, cardiovascular, and reproductive systems. With recent links to the role of nitric oxide in the reactions that can impact cell signaling, and discoveries surrounding the complex role of nitric oxide synthase that have increased research attention across the fields of c...

Design and Processing of Particulate Products

'This volume is a short and readable text on the subject of particulates and particulate delivery. Within the field of engineering, it takes an interdisciplinary approach to particulate characteristics, formation, and applications, with a focus on materials custom-designed for specific tasks. Furthermore, it addresses both process and product design approaches, encouraging students to think about designing particles for specific func...

Biobased and Environmentally Benign Coatings

This book will have the recent information on the developments in the emerging field of environmental-friendly coatings. Crucial aspects associtaed with coating research will be presented in form of the indivudual chapters. Close attention will be paid to include essential aspects that are necessary to understand the porperties and applications of the novel materials. Different methods and techniques of synthesis and charcaterization...