Chemistry: 1,001 Practice Problems For Dummies

+ Free Online Practice

5735ef89bd3e3.jpg Author Heather Hattori and Richard H. Langley
Isbn 9781118549322
File size 56.3 MB
Year 2014
Pages 432
Language English
File format PDF
Category Chemistry

Book Description:

Practice makes perfect--and helps deepen your understanding of chemistry

Every high school requires a course in chemistry, and many universities require the course for majors in medicine, engineering, biology, and various other sciences. 1001 Chemistry Practice Problems For Dummies provides students of this popular course the chance to practice what they learn in class, deepening their understanding of the material, and allowing for supplemental explanation of difficult topics.

1001 Chemistry Practice Problems For Dummies takes you beyond the instruction and guidance offered in Chemistry For Dummies, giving you 1,001 opportunities to practice solving problems from the major topics in chemistry. Plus, an online component provides you with a collection of chemistry problems presented in multiple-choice format to further help you test your skills as you go.
* Gives you a chance to practice and reinforce the skills you learn in chemistry class
* Helps you refine your understanding of chemistry
* Practice problems with answer explanations that detail every step of every problem

Whether you're studying chemistry at the high school, college, or graduate level, the practice problems in 1001 Chemistry Practice Problems For Dummies range in areas of difficulty and style, providing you with the practice help you need to score high at exam time.



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