Study Guide for Chemical Principles, 6th edition

The Student Study Guide helps students to improve their problem-solving skills, avoid common mistakes, and understand key concepts. After a brief review of each section’s critical ideas, students are taken through worked-out examples, try-it yourself examples, and chapter quizzes, all structured to reinforce chapter objectives and build problem-solving techniques.

Analytical Chemistry: Theoretical and Metrological Fundamentals

Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry are usually presented as a sum of chemical and physical foundations, laws, axioms and equations for analytical methods and procedures. In contrast, this book delivers a practice-oriented, general guiding theory valid for all methods and techniques. The metrological foundations included define strictly the figures of merit in order to minimize confusions still appearing in Analytical Chemistry publ...

Microarray Innovations: Technology and Experimentation

In recent years, high-density DNA microarrays have revolutionized biomedical research and drug discovery efforts by the pharmaceutical industry. Their efficacy in identifying and prioritizing drug targets based on their ability to confirm a large number of gene expression measurements in parallel has become a key element in drug discovery. Microarray Innovations: Technology and Experimentation examines the incredibly powerful nature ...

Environmental Chemistry: Green Chemistry and Pollutants in Ecosystems

This book describes advances in this new, fast developing science, which seeks to decipher fundamental mechanisms ruling the behaviour in water, soils, atmosphere, food and living organisms of toxic metals, fossil fuels, pesticides and other organic pollutants. Sections on eco-toxicology, green chemistry, and analytical chemistry round out this thorough survey of conditions and analytical techniques in an emerging specialty.

Modification of Magnetic Properties of Iron Clusters by Doping and Adsorption

This brief is based on computations performed on unary neutral and charged iron clusters, binary iron clusters, and iron clusters interacting with carbon and oxygen atoms as well as with a number of diatomics and water. The author considers geometrical structure, thermodynamic stability and electronic properties which are compared with experimental data. Special attention is paid to the dependence of total spin magnetic moments of ir...

IB Chemistry (SL and HL) Examination Secrets Study Guide

***Includes Practice Test Questions*** Get the test prep help you need to be successful on the IB Chemistry (SL and HL) test. The IB Chemistry (SL and HL) Exam is extremely challenging and thorough test preparation is essential for success. IB Chemistry (SL and HL) Exam Secrets Study Guide is the ideal prep solution for anyone who wants to pass the IB Chemistry (SL and HL) Exam. Not only does it provide a comprehensive guide to the I...

Handbook of Chemical Mass Transport in the Environment

A comprehensive account of the state of the science of environmental mass transport Edited by Louis J. Thibodeaux and Donald Mackay, renowned experts in this field, the Handbook of Chemical Mass Transport in the Environment covers those processes which are critically important for assessing chemical fate, exposure, and risk. In a comprehensive and authoritative format, this unique handbook provides environmental chemists, geoscientis...

Novel Catalysts in Advanced Oxidation of Organic Pollutants

This brief summarizes the role of certain catalysts and associated processes that are involved in the reduction or elimination of hazardous substances from wastewater and the exploitation of renewable raw materials. The authors begin by providing a summary of the most recent developments in catalysts used in the advanced oxidation of organic pollutants in aqueous phase. Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPS) are described in terms of ho...

PEM Electrolysis for Hydrogen Production: Principles and Applications

An ever-increasing dependence on green energy has brought on a renewed interest in polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) electrolysis as a viable solution for hydrogen production. While alkaline water electrolyzers have been used in the production of hydrogen for many years, there are certain advantages associated with PEM electrolysis and its relevance to renewable energy sources. PEM Electrolysis for Hydrogen Production: Principles an...