Processing and Finishing of Polymeric Materials

An authoritative reference on the processing and finishing of polymeric materials for scientists and practitioners Owing to their versatility and wide range of applications, polymeric materials are of great commercial importance. Manufacturing processes of commercial products are designed to meet the requirements of the final product and are influenced by the physical and chemical properties of the polymeric material used. Based on W...

Standardization and Quality Assurance in Fluorescence Measurements I

Analytical chemists and materials scientists will find this a useful addition to their armory. The contributors have sought to highlight the present state of affairs in the validation and quality assurance of fluorescence measurements, as well as the need for future standards. Methods included range from steady-state fluorometry and microfluorometry, microscopy, and micro-array technology, to time-resolved fluorescence and fluorescen...

Oil Spill Impacts: Taxonomic and Ontological Approaches

Starting with the 2010 Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon oil spill incident, Oil Spill Impacts: Taxonomic and Ontological Approaches chronicles a timeline of events that focus on the impact of oil spills and provides an understanding of these incidents using a number of approaches. The book includes an interdisciplinary oil spill taxonomy, an oil spill topic map, and highlights information–organization tools, such as indexes, taxonomi...

Process Chemistry of Petroleum Macromolecules

Although there is a shortage of light petroleum, there is plenty of heavy petroleum rich in macromolecules available, creating an increasing interest for processes that can convert heavy oils to light oils. Process Chemistry of Petroleum Macromolecules provides the scientific basis for such processes, presenting methods to determine improvement potential. Topics include characterization, thermal kinetics, phase behavior, and separati...

Alternative Fuels, Technical and Environmental Conditions

This book provides an overview of the most widely used alternative fuels in the power supply systems in spark-ignition engines and compression-ignition engines, such as LPG, CNG and RME, including the assessment of their operational usefulness, especially in terms of environmental impact in urban traffic. The monograph contains the results of exploitation tests with an assessment of the environmental impact of fuels containing oxygen...

Emerging and Traditional Technologies for Safe, Healthy and Quality Food

Since its inception in 2002, the Central European Food Congress (CEFood) has been a biannual meeting intended for food producers and distributors as well as researchers and educators to promote research, development, innovation and education within food science and technology in the Middle European region with a tight connection to global trends. The 6th CEFood, held in Novi Sad, Serbia, May 23-26, 2012, highlighted the novel technol...

Practical Methods for Biocatalysis and Biotransformations: Volume 3

Biocatalysts are increasingly used by chemists engaged in fine chemical synthesis within both industry and academia. Today, there exists a huge choice of high-tech enzymes and whole cell biocatalysts, which add enormously to the repertoire of synthetic possibilities. Practical Methods for Biocatalysis and Biotransformations 3 will be a companion book to Practical Methods for Biocatalysis and Biotransformations (2009) and Practical Me...

Characterization of Corrosion Products on Steel Surfaces

This book describes the fundamental aspects of materials characterization for the ferric oxyhydroxides formed on steel surfaces. Selected examples, from both the basic science and the applied engineering points of view, are presented. Of special interest is the new structural information on ferric oxyhydroxides containing a small amount of alloying elements. The text relates this to their various states and their role in corrosion pr...

"Advances in Functionally Graded Materials and Structures"

This book is a result of contributions of experts from international scientific community working in different aspects of FGMs and structures and reports on the state of the art research and development findings on this topic through original and innovative research studies. Functionally graded materials (FGMs) were initially designed as thermal barrier materials for aerospace structures and fusion reactors and now they are also cons...

Postharvest Management Approaches for Maintaining Quality of Fresh Produce

The volume presents existing and novel management approaches that are in use or have a great potential to be used to maintain the postharvest quality of fresh produce in terms of microbiological safety, nutrition, and sensory quality. In comparison to traditional synthetic chemicals, these eco-friendly molecules are equally effective with respect to slowing the physiological and biochemical changes in harvested produce. Application o...