Fast Spectrum Reactors

This book is a complete update of the classic 1981 FAST BREEDER REACTORS  textbook authored by Alan E. Waltar and Albert B. Reynolds, which , along with the Russian translation, served as a major reference book for fast reactors systems. Major updates include transmutation physics  (a key technology to  substantially  ameliorate  issues associated with the storage of high-level nuclear waste ), advances in fuels and materials technol...

Tamaki Nakano - π-Stacked Polymers and Molecules: Theory, Synthesis, and Properties

This book covers broad aspects of the chemistry of π-stacked polymers and low-molecular-weight molecules, from synthesis through theory.  It is intended for graduate students and researchers in academia and industry and consists of chapters written by renowned scientists who have made significant contributions to this field in the past decade.  π-Stacked polymers and low-molecular-weight molecules are expected to replace main-chain c...

Protein Moonlighting in Biology and Medicine

  The past 25 years has seen the emergence of a wealth of data suggesting that novel biological functions of known proteins play important roles in biology and medicine. This ability of proteins to exhibit more than one unique biological activity is known as protein moonlighting. Moonlighting proteins can exhibit novel biological functions, thus extending the function of the proteome, and are also implicated in the pathology of ...

General Chemistry (Dover Books on Chemistry)

"An excellent text, highly recommended." — Choice When it was first published, this first-year chemistry text revolutionized the teaching of chemistry by presenting it in terms of unifying principles instead of as a body of unrelated facts. Those principles included modern theories of atomic and molecular structure, quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, and thermodynamics. In addition, Dr. Pauling attempted to correlate the theor...

Chemical Engineering for Non-Chemical Engineers

Outlines the concepts of chemical engineering so that non-chemical engineers can interface with and understand basic chemical engineering concepts Overviews the difference between laboratory and industrial scale practice of chemistry, consequences of mistakes, and approaches needed to scale a lab reaction process to an operating scale Covers basics of chemical reaction eningeering, mass, energy, and fluid energy balances, how economi...

Fundamentals of Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer, 6th Edition

Fundamentals of Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer, Revised, 6th Edition provides a unified treatment of momentum transfer (fluid mechanics), heat transfer and mass transfer. The new edition has been updated to include more modern examples, problems, and illustrations with real world applications. The treatment of the three areas of transport phenomena is done sequentially. The subjects of momentum, heat, and mass transfer are introduc...

Metalloenzymes in Denitrification: Applications and Environmental Impacts

The reduction of nitrate to nitrogen by metalloenzymes is a vital step in the nitrogen cycle. The importance of this pathway has inspired efforts to understand in greater depth the mechanisms involved. This book presents and discusses the latest information on multiple aspects of denitrification. Written by recognized specialists in the field, this book describes the bioinorganic aspects and the key enzymes involved in denitrificatio...

Multi-objective Design Of Antennas Using Surrogate Models

This book addresses computationally-efficient multi-objective optimization of antenna structures using variable-fidelity electromagnetic simulations, surrogate modeling techniques, and design space reduction methods. Based on contemporary research, it formulates multi-objective design tasks, highlights related challenges in the context of antenna design, and discusses solution approaches. Specific focus is on providing methodologies ...

Non-wettable Surfaces: Theory, Preparation and Applications

The objective of this book is to integrate information about the theory, preparation and applications of non-wettable surfaces in one volume. By combining the discussion of all three aspects together the editors will show how theory assists the development of preparations methods and how these surfaces can be applied to different situations. The book is separated into three sections, first covering the theory, then going on to prepar...