Organic Reaction Mechanisms: A Step by Step Approach

This text is designed to teach students how to write organic reaction mechanisms. It starts from the absolute basics - counting the numbers of electrons around a simple atom. Then, in small steps, the text progresses to advanced mechanisms. the end, all the major mechanistic routes have been covered. The text is in the form of interactive sections, which are designed to facilitate the assimilation of the information conveyed, so that...

Bioactive Compounds in Wine: Recent Advances and Perspectives

This book addresses the role of bioactive compounds in wine and their beneficial or harmful effects on human health. The presence of bioactive compounds in wine is related to several factors like grape varieties, agroecological conditions of vineyards (terroir), the vinification process, special winemaking procedures, microbial metabolism related to the fermentative process, and other additional procedures like aging. Some bioactive ...

Fungicides: Showcases of Integrated Plant Disease Management from Around the World

This book focuses various aspects of fungicide usages and its consequences. In the eight-chapter first section, authors discuss implementation of Integrated Plant Disease Management on a wide array of crops grown in different parts of the world: wheat productions in Argentina and in the US; corn, cotton and Eucalyptus productions in Brazil; rice productions in India; peanut productions in the southern US; and pine seedling nurseries ...

Visualizing Chemistry: The Progress and Promise of Advanced Chemical Imaging

Scientists and engineers have long relied on the power of imaging techniques to help see objects invisible to the naked eye, and thus, to advance scientific knowledge. These experts are constantly pushing the limits of technology in pursuit of chemical imaging— ability to visualize molecular structures and chemical composition in time and space as actual events unfold— the smallest dimension of a biological system to the widest expan...

Advanced Separations by Specialized Sorbents

Advanced Separations by Specialized Sorbents opens a new window into sorbent materials, presenting fundamental principles for their syntheses and adsorption properties. The book presents advanced techniques used to create specialized sorbents with a wide range of functions that can be used to enhance the separation and/or purification of useful bioactive compounds, heavy metals, dyes, and other substances. It discusses the most recen...

Clays, Clay Minerals and Ceramic Materials Based on Clay Minerals

This book presents the state-of-the-art results of characterization of clays, clay minerals and ceramic materials based on clay minerals. The main goal of this work is to contribute to the rationalization of some important results obtained in the open area of clays and clay materials characterization. This book also provides a comprehensive account on polymer and biopolymer-clay nanocomposites, use of clay as adsorption materials for...

Algae: Anatomy, Biochemistry, and Biotechnology (2nd Edition)

A single-source reference on the biology of algae, Algae: Anatomy, Biochemistry, and Biotechnology, Second Edition examines the most important taxa and structures for freshwater, marine, and terrestrial forms of algae. Its comprehensive coverage goes from algae's historical role through its taxonomy and ecology to its natural product possibilities. The authors have gathered a significant amount of new material since the publication o...

Insecticides Resistance

This volume is dedicated to different aspects of insecticide resistance and covers ecologically acceptable approaches for overcoming insecticide resistance. This book contains 20 chapters, which are divided into 5 sections. Section 1 covers different aspects of insecticide resistance of selected economically important plant insect pests, whereas section 2 includes chapters about the importance, development and insecticide resistance ...

Underpotential Deposition: From Fundamentals and Theory to Applications at the Nanoscale

With this volume, Ezequiel P. M. Leiva and co-authors fill a gap in the available literature, by providing a much-needed, comprehensive review of the relevant literature for electrochemists, materials scientists and energy researchers. For the first time, they present applications of underpotential deposition (UPD) on the nanoscale, such as nanoparticles and nanocavities, as well as for electrocatalysis. They also discuss real surfac...

Green Materials from Plant Oils

Finding alternatives to fossil feedstocks is increasing in importance with the challenges of global warming, increasing oil prices and depleting fossil fuel reserves that we currently face. Today, plant oils are important renewable raw materials for the chemical industry and are heavily used for surfactants, cosmetic products and lubricants. This book covers the green chemistry of products and intermediates synthesised from plant oil...