Applications of Calorimetry in a Wide Context

This book presents research from all over the world on the applications of calorimetry on both solid and liquid states of materials. Calorimetry, as a technique for thermal analysis, has a wide range of applications which are not only limited to studying the thermal characterisation (e.g. melting temperature, denaturation temperature and enthalpy change) of small and large drug molecules, but are also extended to characterisation of ...

Functionalised N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes

N-heterocyclic carbenes (NHCs) have found increasing use as reagents for a range of organic transformations and in asymmetric organocatalysis. The performance of these molecules can be improved and tuned by functionalisation. Functionalised carbenes can anchor free carbenes to the metal site, introduce hemilability, provide a means to immobilise transition metal carbene catalysts, introduce chirality, provide a chelate ligand or brid...

Phenolics in Food and Nutraceuticals

Phenolics in Food and Nutraceuticals is the first single-source compendium of essential information concerning food phenolics. This unique book reports the classification and nomenclature of phenolics, their occurrence in food and nutraceuticals, chemistry and applications, and nutritional and health effects. In addition, it describes antioxidant activity of phenolics in food and nutraceuticals as well as methods for analysis and qua...

Química, 11va Edición

La química general suele considerarse como una mate­ria más difícil que las demás. En cierto sentido esto es justificable por una razón: la química tiene un vocabulario muy especializado. En primer lugar, estudiar química es como aprender un nuevo idioma. Además, algu­nos de sus conceptos son abstractos. Sin embargo, si es per­severante completará este curso exitosamente y hasta es posible que lo disfrute. Aquí se presentan algunas s...

Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering

The fourth edition of Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering is a completely revised version of the worldwide best-selling book. It combines authoritative coverage of the principles of chemical reaction engineering with an unsurpassed focus on critical thinking and creative problem solving, employing open-ended questions and stressing the Socratic method. Clear and superbly organized, it integrates text, visuals, and computer simu...

Interfacial Nanochemistry

The history of the liquid-liquid interface on the earth might be as old as that of the liquid. It is plausible that the generation of the primitive cell membrane is responsible for an accidental advent of the oldest liquid interfaces, since various compounds can be concentrated by an adsorption at the interface. The presence of liquid-liquid interface means that real liquids are far from ideal liquids that must be miscible with any k...

Ionic and Organometallic-Catalyzed Organosilane Reductions

Ionic and Organometallic-Catalyzed Organosilane Reductions provides an up-to-date, comprehensive review of reductions with organosilanes. Both ionic and catalyst-mediated reaction types are included, with appropriate reference to reaction mechanisms where they have been elucidated. The text also provides a wide variety of organic functional group reductions by organosilicon hydrides, and includes a substantial discussion of asymmetri...

Marine Surface Films

Since the late 1960s, various groups have investigated the influence of marine surface films on mechanisms dominating energy and mass transfer across the ocean/atmosphere interface. However, a compendium summarizing the state-of-the-art research in this field is still missing. The book fills this gap and transfers the accumulated knowledge to the scientific community. After a brief historical chapter basic chemical insights are prese...

Magnetorheology: Advances and Applications

Magnetorheological fluids, smart fluids which change viscosity in the presence of a magnetic field, are of great commercial interest for many engineering applications such as shock absorbers and dampers in aerospace. Magnetorheology: Advances and Applications provides an update on the key developments in the physics, chemistry and uses of magnetorheological fluids. Topics covered include the role of interparticle friction and rotatio...

Chemorheology of Polymers

Understanding the dynamics of reactive polymer processes allows scientists to create new, high value, high performance polymers. Chemorheology of Polymers provides an indispensable resource for researchers and practitioners working in this area, describing theoretical and industrial approaches to characterising the flow and gelation of reactive polymers. Beginning with an in-depth treatment of the chemistry and physics of thermoplast...