Child Abuse and Neglect: A Multidimensional Approach

5a5c00550e6e0.jpeg Author Alexander Muela
Isbn 9535106716
File size 5MB
Year 2012
Pages 194
Language English
File format PDF
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Book Description:

The aim of this book is to address the issue of child abuse and neglect from a multidimensional perspective. The reader will find a selection of internationally recognized works addressing the issue of child maltreatment both from theoretical and applied view.

Child maltreatment constitutes a social problem that affects all societies of the world. A recent study by the World Health Organisation points out that millions of children suffer some form of maltreatment and require medical and social attention. Therefore, child maltreatment is not a new phenomenon; it has been around since the beginning of time. Child maltreatment is recognized as an important psychopathological risk factor and is associated with poor psychological function in childhood and adolescence and adulthood.



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