China Counting: How the West Was Lost

004374d8 Author A. Mackinnon
Isbn 9780230234031
File size 1.8MB
Year 2009
Pages 221
Language English
File format PDF
Category Business

Book Description:

'Chinese business decisions are dependent on international and domestic forces, reflecting our corporate focus on facilitating hybrid strategies. China Counting, in extending the arguments made in China Calling, emphasises the need for constructive engagement. As a help for those dealing with Chinese global expansion both books make thought- provoking reading.'

'This book explains how China's historical values focus on the need for knowledge. It is easy to see every day the Chinese commitment to academic, educational, and technological advancement. Unilever funds several initiatives in China that relate to education, including the formation of over twenty "Hope Schools" in needy communities. We particularly endorse the following from China Counting 'The most productive step that Western companies can now take is to offer work experience and jobs to young Chinese graduates'. This year we will do our bit by employing around 50 new Management Trainees selected from 31,000 applicants!'



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