85 Years of the Oscar

85 years of Oscar is an opulent gift for the classic movie fan from classic movie fans’ number one fan Robert Osborn. This very large, very heavy book is a history of the Oscars from their start in 1929 until 2013. It’s the type of book you curl up with at the end of a long hard day and get caught up in the magic of the movies. Not a dry history book, but full of facts about the people and the times with lots of pictures. At no time ...

Contemporary Cinema and 'Old Age'

“This bold feminist book extends the concept of “silvering” beyond the screen to include spinoffs, profits and style, to name a few of the new directions. Yoking the triumvirate of audience, star, and story, Dolan acknowledges but refuses to accept euphemism, offering sophisticated analysis and argument in refreshingly honest prose devoid of jargon. She provides a necessary intervention into taken-for-granted assumptions about succes...

Brand Hollywood: Selling Entertainment in a Global Media Age

Paul Grainge is Associate Professor of Film Studies at the University of Nottingham. He is the author of Monochrome Memories: Nostalgia and Style in Retro America (2002), the editor of Memory and Popular Film (2003), and co-author of Film Histories: An Introduction and Reader (2007). From the growth in merchandising and product placement to the rise of the movie franchise, branding has become central to the modern blockbuster economy...

Reel Knockouts: Violent Women in the Movies

From the Avengers to Batgirl ever single thing you ever heard about woman in actrion is viividly described here. I truely recomend this book for anyone who likes the idea of women in action. "Too violent? Too sexy? Too passive? Too tough? The first book-length treatment of violent women in the movies, Reel Knockouts aims to provoke engagement and launch debate. What do women want these days? Who wants violent women? How? Why? From Ho...

Cameras on the Battlefield: Photos of War

Recounts the story of wartime photography, from the first use of cameras on the battlefield through the war in Vietnam.  Grade 5-7-By highlighting the role of the photojournalist, this hi/lo entry offers a unique look at military and photographic history. Beginning with artists who painted scenes of war during the Renaissance, White shows how the illustrator's role has evolved from one of an artist glorifying war to that of a photogr...

The Science of Screenwriting

In a world awash in screenwriting books, The Science of Screenwriting provides an alternative approach that will help the aspiring screenwriter navigate this mass of often contradictory advice: exploring the science behind storytelling strategies. Paul Gulino, author of the best-selling Screenwriting: The Sequence Approach, and Connie Shears, a noted cognitive psychologist, build, chapter-by-chapter, an understanding of the human per...

Aliens R Us: The Other in Science Fiction Cinema

Aliens R Us explores the global culture of science fiction cinema, and in particular its presentation of contemporary images of the Other. Taking as a starting point the popularity of international forms such as Japanese Manga and Hong Kong sci-fi, in addition to the success of films such as The Matrix and television series such as Deep Space Nine, the contributors examine the science fiction genre as an international, populist form ...

Twisted Visions: Interviews with Cult Horror Filmmakers

Horror and exploitation films have played a pioneering role in both American and world cinema, with a number of controversial and surreal movies produced by renegade filmmakers. This collection of interviews sheds light on the work of 23 directors from across the globe who defied the conventions of Hollywood and commercial cinema. They include Alfred Sole (Alice, Sweet, Alice), Romano Scavolini (Nightmares in a Damaged Brain), Stu Se...

Absolute Beginner's Guide to Digital Photography

You have a digital camera, now what? Thanks to memory sticks, docking stations, computers, image editing software, and printers, using your new digital camera can be frustrating and intimidating. With Absolute Beginner's Guide to Digital Photography, you'll learn everything you need to know to take great digital pictures and share them with friends or family. Author Joseph Ciaglia, a teacher and award-winning landscape photographer, ...

Candle Making Basics: (How To Basics), 2nd Edition

Step-by-step color photographs and descriptive detail make this book indispensable for beginners looking to create beautiful and functional scented candles on their very first try, and for experienced crafters who want to sharpen their skills. Precise instructions eliminate the guesswork that too often creeps into how-to books and help you avoid common mistakes. Gleaned from the expertise of master candle makers, this guide presents ...