Destination London: German-Speaking Emigrés and British Cinema, 1925-1950

“This anthology addresses a subject which has long needed careful documentation and is one which Bergfelder and Cargnelli… are probably uniquely equipped to deal with. This is a book which genuinely fills a gap (is there any other legitimate reason for a book’s existence?) and in doing so is eminently readable as well as scholarly…there is more work to be done in this field of enquiry but this anthology ensures that the project is we...

Magnificent Obsession

"I never dreamed that the unique species known as the film buff would be the subject of an entire book. Tony Slide has not only pulled off this feat but gathered a cornucopia of anecdotal history that's fascinating and fun to read. I'm not sure if I should be flattered or not to be included, but I cannot deny that I am one of these odd ducks."

Some Like It Wilder: (Screen Classics)

It is a definitive look at the career of Billy Wilder. Each film has interesting stories connected to it. Very insightful and entertaining, especially for a movie buff. "Phillips presents Wilder in accurate detail and sets many legends to rest. He understands and analyzes each project with support from his copious research, countless interviews with those who knew and worked with Wilder, as well as an interview with the grand master ...

The Mobile Photographer

If you are a photographer and an Android user, this guide is a must have! Fisher dives deep into the multitude of options available in the Android marketplace. Apps, accessories, tethering, camera control (my favorite!), editing, organizing, etc. I am an iPhone user and was convinced to go out and buy an Android tablet just so I could take advantage of the incredible things you can do with the Android platform and your DSLR! If you h...

Living with Zombies : Society in Apocalypse in Film, Literature and Other Media

I've always had an interest in zombies, even since before the 'zombie boom', but I've found a lot of the analyses of this fascinating figure to be either tongue-and-cheek, or far too academic to be accessible. This book really helped bridge that gap for me. There's plenty of life and humor and interesting ideas, but there's also a great deal of discussion of BIG ideas. Philosophers, history, literature, film - it all comes together u...

Victorian Photography, Literature, and the Invention of Modern Memory

Invented during a period of anxiety about the ability of human memory to cope with the demands of expanding knowledge, photography not only changed the way the Victorians saw the world, but also provided them with a new sense of connection with the past and a developing language with which to describe it. Analysing a broad range of texts by inventors, cultural critics, photographers, and novelists, Victorian Photography, Literature, ...

Picturing Disability: Beggar, Freak, Citizen, and Other Photographic Rhetoric

"This book makes a substantial contribution to the history of visual representation of disability in the United States. It should become an important resource to those who seek to understand the varieties of contexts and purposes in which people with disabilities were portrayed by others, and---equally important---portrayed themselves." "Read this fascinating book in one sitting, and follow the author's instructions to carefully exam...

Screening Stephen King: Adaptation and the Horror Genre in Film and Television

This book is not only essential as a study of Stephen King and his works adapted to the big and small screen; it is also an exemplary study of the evolution of the horror genre in its ebb and flow from literary adaptation to gore-laden saturation and beyond since the mid-1970s. Brown has done extraordinary work synthesizing cultural mood, generic tastes and trends, production problems, script rewrites, and, most crucially, the brandi...

Magic Light and the Dynamic Landscape

An excellent book, dynamic, this publication is an easy read with wonderful photography and very specific guidelines as to how each photograph was concieved and the procedures by which each was processed to create the authors vision. The book is something a novice or an experienced photograper would and should have in his library. I will reccommend the book to all interested in wonderful photography.

The Best of Senior Portrait Photography

Bill Hunter has hit a grand slam. subtitle of the book is Techniques of images for digital photographers. This book has 8 chapters and takes you from the, The Changing Face of Senior Photography to Senior Portraiture in Practice. This is a journey many photographers should consider in taking as a refresher for vets, or a game plan for those starting out. Many photographer want to jump out there and get all into the shot and the equip...