Col. William N. Selig, the Man Who Invented Hollywood

All histories of Hollywood are wrong. Why? Two words: Colonel Selig. This early pioneer laid the foundation for the movie industry that we know today. Active from 1896 to 1938, William N. Selig was responsible for an amazing series of firsts, including the first two-reel narrative film and the first two-hour narrative feature made in America; the first American movie serial with cliffhanger endings; the first westerns filmed in the W...

Rolando Gomez's Lighting for Glamour Photography

Through a creative and controlled approach to lighting techniques, this informative reference on glamour photography demonstrates how to optimize the subject’s beauty. From simple sunlight to professional studio lighting systems, this manual presents practical examples of lighting sources and shows how to develop, refine, and execute such lighting in a variety of settings. Studio photography, indoor location shots, and outdoor shoots...

Roberto Scarpinato, Antonella Mascali - Le ultime parole di Falcone e Borsellino (2012)

La realtà che abbiamo vissuto e sofferto con Giovanni e Paolo racconta che, diversamente da quanto si ripete nelle cerimonie ufficiali, il male di mafia non è affatto solo fuori di noi, è anche 'tra noi'. Racconta che gli assassini e i loro complici non hanno solo i volti truci e crudeli di coloro che sulla scena dei delitti si sono sporcati le mani di sangue, ma anche i volti di tanti, di troppi sepolcri imbiancati. Un popolo di col...

André Bazin, the Critic as Thinker

Andr&eacute Bazin (1918–58) is credited with almost single-handedly establishing the study of film as an accepted intellectual pursuit, as well as with being the spiritual father of the French New Wave. Among those who came under his tutelage were four who would go on to become the most renowned directors of the postwar French cinema.

Leslie Howard: The Lost Actor

Leslie Howard's career as a Hollywood star and his ambitions for the British film industry were well known. He contributed substantially to cinema history, having been featured in Gone With the Wind, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Pygmalion, and others. But, behind his charm was a perceptive and determined man. An ambivalent identity and a penetrating intelligence gave him the confidence to try to influence world opinion at the time of the S...

Kino in Bewegung: Perspektiven des deutschen Gegenwartsfilms

Seit den Erfolgen von Filmemachern wie Tom Tykwer, Fatih Akin oder der sogenannten ? Berliner Schule? ist das deutsche Gegenwartskino wieder in aller Munde. Ihre Filme konnten sowohl in den heimischen Kinos als auch auf internationalen Festivals überzeugen und haben maßgeblich zur Veränderung und Erneuerung der deutschen Filmlandschaft in den letzten Jahren beigetragen. Doch was hat es mit diesem ? Neuen? des deutschen Gegenwartskino...

Documentary Television in Canada: From National Public Service to Global Marketplace

Since the inception of Canadian television in the early 1950s, documentary television, consistently a favourite among viewers, has been misunderstood and often maligned by its critics. More popular, and arguably more innovative, than its cinematic counterpart or than dramatic Canadian television, Canadian documentary television has decisively shaped the form and function of public service television in this country. David Hogarth tra...

Queer Issues in Contemporary Latin American Cinema

Viewing contemporary Latin American films through the lens of queer studies reveals that many filmmakers are exploring issues of gender identity and sexual difference, as well as the homophobia that attempts to defeat any challenge to the heterosexual norms of patriarchal culture. In this study of queer issues in Latin American cinema, David William Foster offers highly perceptive queer readings of fourteen key films to demonstrate h...

How to Sneak Into the Movies

The author has worked in several movie theaters and reveals all his tricks for sneaking into the movies, including: The four basic ways to get into movies for free; Believable lines you can lay on a suspicious usher; How to sneak in with a date without looking cheap; Props you can use to strengthen your ruse; How to sneak-in a whole gang of people; What to do if you're caught; And many more other ways to lower your movie-going costs....