Pixelmator in der Praxis - Bilder besser bearbeiten / die hilfreiche Anleitung: maßgeschneidert für Foto-Liebhaber

Pixelmator: Wer seine digitalen Bilder liebt, muss nicht auf Flagschiffe wie Adobe Photoshop zurückgreifen, um Fotos zu optimieren. Das Programm Pixelmator bietet zahlreiche Werkzeuge, um Bildobjekte geschickt auszuwählen, Motive zu retuschieren und auch Farben zu korrigieren. Ein großer Vorteil: Die App auf dem Mac und iPad, iPhone arbeitet „mehrschichtig", es lassen sich somit also in einem Motiv verschiedene Ebenen anlegen, um sch...

Projected Fears: Horror Films and American Culture

Movie audiences seem drawn, almost compelled, toward tales of the horrific and the repulsive. Partly because horror continues to evolve radically―every time the genre is deemed dead, it seems to come up with another twist―it has been one of the most often-dissected genres. Here, author Kendall Phillips selects ten of the most popular and influential horror films―including Dracula, Night of the Living Dead, Halloween, The Silence of t...

Limits of Horror: Technology, Bodies, Gothic

Horror isn’t what it used to be. Nor are its Gothic avatars. The meaning of monsters, vampires and ghosts has changed significantly over the last two hundred years, as have the mechanisms (from fiction to fantasmagoria, film and video games) through which they are produced and consumed. Limits of Horror, moving from gothic to cybergothic, through technological modernity and across a range of literary, cinematic and popular cultural t...

Jack Rosenthal (The Television Series)

This is the first-ever critical work on Jack Rosenthal, the highly regarded British television dramatist. His career began with Coronation Street in the 1960s and he became famous for his popular sitcoms, including The Lovers and The Dustbinmen. During what is often known as the "golden age" of British television drama, Rosenthal wrote such plays as The Knowledge, The Chain, Spend, Spend, Spend and P’tang, Yang, Kipperbang, as well a...


Piccola storia della fotografia nelle citazioni di alcuni dei suoi protagonisti. Non un saggio ma un paziente lavoro di ricerca. Alle citazioni infatti sono affiancate brevi biografie e alcune immagini della produzione di grandi artisti dell'immagine, attraverso un itinerario che ci conduce dall’invenzione della fotografia sino ai giorni nostri.

Macro Photography Photo Workshop

Special techniques for creating unique, artistic, close-up images Macro, or close-up, photography is gaining popularity, and this book covers all of the challenges associated with taking great close-ups: depth of field, focus, and exposure. Copublished with Photoworkshop.com, a leading online educational resource for both beginning and professional photographers, this task-oriented reference allows readers to learn by doing and offer...

Documentary Filmmaking for Archaeologists

Documentary filmmaker Peter Pepe and historical archaeologist Joseph W. Zarzynski provide a concise guide to filmmaking designed to help archaeologists navigate the unfamiliar world of documentary film. They offer a step-by-step description of the process of making a documentary, everything from initial pitches to production companies to final cuts in the editing. Using examples from their own award-winning documentaries, they focus ...

Japanese Cinema: Texts and Contexts

Japanese Cinema includes twenty-four chapters on key films of Japanese cinema, from the silent era to the present day, providing a comprehensive introduction to Japanese cinema history and Japanese culture and society.

The Performing Century: Nineteenth-Century Theatre's History

This book looks at modes of performance and forms of theatre in Nineteenth-century Britain and Ireland. On subjects as varied as the vogue for fairy plays to the representation of economics to the work of a parliamentary committee in regulating theatres, the authors redefine what theatre and performance in the Nineteenth century might be.

The Manual of Photography, 10th edition

The tenth edition of The Manual of Photography is an indispensable textbook for anyone who is serious about photography. It is ideal if you want to gain insight into the underlying scientific principles of photography and digital imaging, whether you are a professional photographer, lab technician, researcher or student in the field, or simply an enthusiastic amateur. This comprehensive guide takes you from capture to output in both ...