Body Shots: Early Cinema's Incarnations

"With his intense focus on the human body (the body running, the body kissing, the body posing, the body at rest), Jonathan Auerbach has managed to re-dramatize the newness of a new medium in its original decade. The combination of analytical patience, historical precision, and conceptual panache will startle readers into seeing even well-known early American films as though for the first time. In other words: Body Shots will prove t...

The iPad for Photographers

I purchased an iPad and several of the apps and accessories covered in the book, to use for photography, prior to buying this book. So much of the information in the book was not new to me. Still, the book taught me a few useful things about each of my apps that I didn't already know. This book would be of the greatest value to someone contemplating using an iPad for photography who hasn't purchased one yet. The book's advice on work...

Timelapse - Zeitrafferfotografie

 WofürwerdenZeitraffer benutzt? - Beispielszenen mit passenden Intervall-Zeiten - Deine erste Zeitraffer-Aufnahme:Der einfachste Weg - Fortgeschrittene Methoden zur Zeitraffer-Aufnahme - Zeitraffer mit externer Belichtungssteuerung - Zeitraffer mit Bewegung - Zeitraffer-Sequenzen nachbearbeiten - Nachbearbeitung in einem Videoschnitt-Programm DasBuchbeschäftigtsichmit dem faszinierenden Thema der Zeitrafferfotografie(Timelapse)。...

PC Magazine Guide to Digital Photography

As a professional film photographer for years, now venturting into digital, this book is perfect. It offers basic information on the difference between film and digital, but is written at a level that speaks to professionals. It's full of good tips. I recommend it highly.

Reading Stargate SG-1

I love statgate..and this book is a must have for anyone wanting to complete their collection. Its a great critique of the show, the characters and Stargate's impact on pop culture..Enjoy!

100% Kid

I was first drawn to Allison's new book by the title, 100% Kid. If you love photography, have been thinking about doing some studio work, are attracted to real subjects that are "authentic" you will be very pleased with this book. I love photographing kids, and am looking to get into studio photography. I thought this book was written for me. The freshness of this book, combined with Allison's experience, techniques, studio lighting ...

Mastering Composition for Photographers: Create Images with Impact

This book gives one an approach to composition in photography from a more artsy view than I like. I'm more of a technical, 'how to', kind of guy. I needed this to balance out my perspective and I'm glad I read it. Seeing old images from 'masters' that had I taken them would be on my delete list does make me feel better. From what I see, it looks like those folks were nuts. The book itself is very good.

85 Years of the Oscar

85 years of Oscar is an opulent gift for the classic movie fan from classic movie fans’ number one fan Robert Osborn. This very large, very heavy book is a history of the Oscars from their start in 1929 until 2013. It’s the type of book you curl up with at the end of a long hard day and get caught up in the magic of the movies. Not a dry history book, but full of facts about the people and the times with lots of pictures. At no time ...

Contemporary Cinema and 'Old Age'

“This bold feminist book extends the concept of “silvering” beyond the screen to include spinoffs, profits and style, to name a few of the new directions. Yoking the triumvirate of audience, star, and story, Dolan acknowledges but refuses to accept euphemism, offering sophisticated analysis and argument in refreshingly honest prose devoid of jargon. She provides a necessary intervention into taken-for-granted assumptions about succes...

Brand Hollywood: Selling Entertainment in a Global Media Age

Paul Grainge is Associate Professor of Film Studies at the University of Nottingham. He is the author of Monochrome Memories: Nostalgia and Style in Retro America (2002), the editor of Memory and Popular Film (2003), and co-author of Film Histories: An Introduction and Reader (2007). From the growth in merchandising and product placement to the rise of the movie franchise, branding has become central to the modern blockbuster economy...