Outside The Lettered City: Cinema, Modernity, And The Public Sphere In Late Colonial India

Outside the Lettered City traces how middle-class Indians responded to the rise of the cinema as a popular form of mass entertainment in early 20th century India, focusing on their preoccupation with the mass public made visible by the cinema and with the cinemas role as a public sphere and a mass medium of modernity. It draws on archival research to uncover aspirations and anxieties about the new medium, which opened up tantalizing ...

Buñuel And Mexico: The Crisis Of National Cinema

Though Luis Buñuel, one of the most important filmmakers of the twentieth century, spent his most productive years as a director in Mexico, film histories and criticism invariably pay little attention to his work during this period. The only book-length English-language study of Buñuel's Mexican films, this book is the first to explore a significant but neglected area of this filmmaker's distinguished career and thus to fill a gap in...

The Art And Making Of The Dark Knight Trilogy

As a big fan of what Mr. Nolan has done with the Batman character in his "Dark Knight Trilogy", this book is 300+ pages of pure joy! Every aspect of the filmmaking process is detailed in the book, accompanied by hundreds of photos (many of which I have never seen published before). Here are the Chapters contained in the book: 1. Screenplay - how the concept of the films was born with Nolan & David Goyer, writing the scripts, and ...

Making Asian American Film And Video: History, Institutions, Movements

Making Asian American Film and Video explores how the genre has served as a flashpoint for debates about what constitutes Asian American identity. Tracing a history of how Asian American film was initially conceived as a form of public-interest media, part of a broader effort to give voice to underrepresented American minorities, Okada shows why this seemingly well-intentioned project inspired deeply ambivalent responses. In addition...

Patterns Of Evidence: Exodus: A Filmmaker’s Journey

Did the Exodus story as written in the Bible really happen? According to most scholars today, the answer is a resounding "no." Many would say it's just a myth, a fairy tale. Shaken by these opinions, Mahoney decides to tackle this issue with a deliberate scientific approach. After identifying key details in the biblical text, he embarks on a 12-year journey across the globe, traveling to the very locations the biblical events are sai...

Screen Adaptations: Romeo And Juliet: A Close Study Of The Relationship Between Text And Film

The Screen Adaptations series provides an in-depth look at how classic pieces of literature have been adapted for screen. It assesses the ways in which alternative screen interpretations offer up different readings of the original text as well as the methodologies and approaches of filmmakers. Each title in the series collects together a vast array of study material, critical insight and thought-provoking comparisons - from literary ...