After Effects And Cinema 4d Lite: 3d Motion Graphics And Visual Effects Using Cineware

This is an honest, but biased review. Why? The author is a talented colleague of mine. Here are my thoughts on the book: Useful! I like a book that does what it says: It is for those using After Effects and looking to add some 3D graphics to their work, with the focus of the book using the free Cinema4D Lite (and Cineware) plug-in that comes with After Effects. The book covers a lot of the fundamentals of 3D using 3D text based and o...

Bible And Cinema: An Introduction

Reinhartz deftly shows how cinematic representations of the Bible always reflect the values of the times in which the films are made, as she examines how gender, race, class, and other ideological constructs influence the adaptation of the Bible onto the screen. Through a wide range of examples from biblical epics to modern comedies, her analysis suggests that these films tell us more about contemporary society than about biblical ti...

The Comedy Film Nerds Guide To Movies

This is a great guide to all movie genres. Each chapter is written by a different staff member so you get several perspectives. A great addition to a terrific podcast. The Comedy Film Nerds Guide to Movies brings what has been missing from movie discussion for too long: A healthy dose of humor. This is the first time ever two filmmakers who are also comedians give their views on film. It will bring movie discussion to a younger audie...

Pulp Fiction: The Complete Story Of Quentin Tarantino’s Masterpiece

In this first-ever complete history of the movie dubbed “nothing less than the reinvention of mainstream American cinema” by Entertainment Weekly, discover everything about Quentin Tarantino’s brilliant 1994 film—from its origins to its sensational release (screaming women! fainting men!) to its phenomenal effect on how movies are both made and seen. We’ll get down to brass tacks, describing what Marsellus Wallace looks like (and wha...

On The Track: A Guide To Contemporary Film Scoring By Rayburn Wright

On the Track offers a comprehensive guide to scoring for film and television. Covering all styles and genres, the authors, both noted film composers, cover everything from the nuts-and-bolts of timing, cuing, and recording through balancing the composer's aesthetic vision with the needs of the film itself. Unlike other books that are aimed at the person "dreaming" of a career, this is truly a guide that can be used by everyone from s...

Darkness In The Bliss-out: A Reconsideration Of The Films Of Steven Spielberg

Very detailed and intresting look into the films of Steven Spielberg While there has been a significant outpouring of scholarship on Steven Spielberg over the past decade, his films are still frequently discussed as being paternalistic, escapist, and reliant on uncomplicated emotions and complicated special effects. Even those who view his work favorably often see it as essentially optimistic, reassuring, and conservative. James Kend...

How To Read A Film: The World Of Movies, Media, Multimedia

"This book is a compliment to the reader....Monaco's spirit is gracious; he has a gift for making accumulations of detail relevant and uncluttered. His manner is modest and undidactic, and he is painstakingly scrupulous."--Samson Raphaelson, Film Comment First published in 1977, this popular book has become the source on film and media. Now, James Monaco offers a revised and rewritten third edition incorporating every major aspect of...

Hollywood Myths: The Shocking Truths Behind Film’s Most Incredible Secrets And Scandals

Hollywood exists to create and sell myth. Often, however, the myths created on screen are secondary to the rumors, half-truths, and lies that circulate through studio back lots and the press. Discover the real stories behind Hollywood’s greatest myths, as veteran film critic and Hollywood reporter Joe Williams sorts fact from fiction and examines how these tales came to be and how they persisted. Did Thomas Edison really invent the m...

East German Cinema: Defa And Film History

East Germany's film monopoly, Deutsche Film-Aktiengesellschaft (DEFA), produced a breadth and depth of films ranging beyond simple propaganda to westerns, science fiction films, musicals, melodramas, spy thrillers, women's films, fairy tales, and children's films. This book covers the entire range of filmmaking under the DEFA logo, from their beginnings in the Soviet Occupied Zone through unification and shows their continuing impact...

Die Welt Des Kinos – Eine Reise Durch Die Geschichte Des Films

Die Welt des Kinos ist eine Welt der Träume, aber auch der Alpträume. Ein Film kann ein unterhaltsames Erlebnis sein, er kann sein Publikum aber auch wachrütteln. Vom Blockbuster bis zum Autorenfilm reicht das Spektrum. Lernen Sie die Meilensteine der Kinogeschichte vom Stummfilm bis in unsere Gegenwart kennen und lassen Sie sich in die Welten von Chaplin, Hitchcock, Bunuel, Bergman, Fellini, Kubrick, Scorsese, Tarantino, von Trier u...