On Location: A Film and TV Lover's Travel Guide

On Location: A Film and TV Lover’s Travel Guide is the essential resource for visiting the locations and history behind your favorite films or television series and favorite actors. In this guidebook, professional travel writer and self-proclaimed film and TV buff Lisa Iannucci takes you on a cinematic journey across the country. Enjoy over a hundred profiles on famous movie and television locations from John Wayne’s westerns to Clos...

The Cinema Effect

It has been said that all cinema is a special effect. In this highly original examination of time in film Sean Cubitt tries to get at the root of the uncanny effect produced by images and sounds that don't quite align with reality. What is it that cinema does? Cubitt proposes a history of images in motion from a digital perspective, for a digital audience.From the viewpoint of art history, an image is discrete, still. How can a movin...

Adobe Lightroom mobile

Where are your photos? Anywhere you are! With Adobe Lightroom mobile, you are no longer wedded to just one place or one device. Whether you’re on vacation, working in the field, or sitting on your couch, Lightroom mobile is your remote link to your full Lightroom library. No plugging in to your computer, no manual syncing, no hassle. You can review and edit your photos on your iPad 2 or later and know that the changes will be ready w...

La lumière en lumière, du photon à l'Internet

Cet ouvrage présente différentes thématiques liées à la connaissance et l'utilisation de la lumière à la fois dans les domaines scientifique et technologique : La nature de la lumière (laser, interaction avec la matière…) ; La lumière et la vie (photosynthèse, couleurs, fonctionnement de l'oeil) ; La lumière et l'énergie (fusion, arme lasers, énergie photovoltaïque) ; La lumière et la terre (effet de serre, mirages, aurores boréales)...

Film and Community in Britain and France

Relations between France and Britain have always been uneasy and ambivalent. But in cinema the Second World War changed all that for a time. Although the two countries' wartime fortunes differed, post-war both were busy reintegrating returning servicemen and prisoners of war and accommodating the changed aspirations of women. Margaret Butler examines these subjects and more in her comparative study of the cinemas of Britain and Franc...

Hans-Jürgen Syberberg, the Film Director as Critical Thinker

Hans-Jürgen Syberberg is an original, the most controversial of all the New German directors and a figure who has long been at the vanguard of the resurgence of experimental filmmaking in his homeland. Syberberg’s most characteristic films examine recent German history: a documentary, for example, about Richard Wagner’s daughter-in-law, who was a close friend of Hitler (The Confessions of Winifred Wagner [1975]). But especially “hist...

Mixed Race Cinemas: Multiracial Dynamics in America and France

Using critical race theory and film studies to explore the interconnectedness between cinema and society, Zélie Asava traces the history of mixed-race representations in American and French filmmaking from early and silent cinema to the present day. Mixed Race Cinemas covers over a hundred years of filmmaking to chart the development of (black/white) mixed representations onscreen. With the 21st century being labelled the Mulatto Mil...

Research Guide to Japanese Film Studies

The Research Guide to Japanese Film Studies provides a snapshot of all the archival and bibliographic resources available to students and scholars of Japanese cinema. Among the nations of the world, Japan has enjoyed an impressively lively print culture related to cinema. The numbers of publications match the enormous scale of film production, but with the lack of support for film studies in Japan, much of it remains as uncharted ter...

Film Stardom and the Ancient Past

This book offers the first comprehensive exploration of how the ancient past has shaped screen stardom in Hollywood since the silent era. It engages with debates on historical reception, gender and sexuality, nostalgia, authenticity and the uses of the past. Michael Williams gives fresh insights into ‘divinized stardom’, a highly influential and yet understudied phenomenon that predates Hollywood and continues into the digital age. C...

Reconstructing American Historical Cinema

In Reconstructing American Historical Cinema: From Cimarron to Citizen Kane, J. E. Smyth dramatically departs from the traditional understanding of the relationship between film and history. By looking at production records, scripts, and contemporary reviews, Smyth argues that certain classical Hollywood filmmakers were actively engaged in a self-conscious and often critical filmic writing of national history. Her volume is a major r...