Perfect Digital Photography

This book is so inviting and inspiring. It actually makes you want to take pictures of everything in the world right then and there. Every chapter gets to the point. It doesn't feel like you're reading a history book. It's very engaging too. It feels as though there's a professor talking to you right there. Very good investment if you want to learn more about digital cameras and photography. For anyone who just knows they're gong to ...

The Beautiful Wedding: Photography Techniques for Capturing Authentic Moments

The Beautiful Wedding gives great background into photographing the modern wedding. Tracy's experience and eye for detail are evident in her writing and photos. She shares her insights and expertise in an easy to follow and inspiring way. I would recommend this book! In "The Beautiful Wedding" Tracy Dorr does a fantastic job advising wedding photographers on the various aspects of photographing a wedding. I found the sections on cult...

Creatures of Darkness: Raymond Chandler, Detective Fiction, and Film Noir

A very interesting and thorough examination of the film-related work of mystery legend Raymond Chandler, creator of the ultimate film noir gumshoe, Phillip Marlowe. The books follows Chandler's career and work from pulpy dime detective story-writer, to novelist, to screenwriter. Chandler was an odd, cantankerous fellow who hated working in Hollywood, but the character he created is forever in the pantheon of American detective film h...

Cinema's Military Industrial Complex

“This vital collection takes us into the vortex of military institutions and explores how they have used cinema to project their power across complex geographies and into hearts and minds. Contributors rethink the cinematic apparatus, uncovering forgotten technologies, unknown exhibition strategies, and secret intelligence operations along the way.”—Lisa Parks, Professor of Comparative Media Studies, MIT “The modern American military...

Adobe Master Class: Advanced Compositing in Photoshop

What a great book! Bret's writing is helpful, practical, incredibly well thought out, and entertaining! If you really want to take your Photoshop skills to the next level, this is the book you need. Working through these detailed and easy to follow tutorials definitely helped me build my skill set in Photoshop. I really hope there's a new paperback edition soon! Bret Malley's book "Advanced Compositing in Photoshop" is the best book ...

Steven Spielberg : A Life in Films (Jewish Lives)

I’m of two minds about Steven Spielberg. I share the general belief that he’s a brilliant showman. I think that "Jaws," for example, might be the best adventure film ever made. On the other hand, I hold Spielberg largely – if indirectly – responsible for the sorry state of Hollywood today, with its glut of “franchise” movies and over-emphasis of special effects. Not to mention studios’ “will teenage boys like it?” marketing mentality...

British Cinema of the 1950s: The Decline of Deference

In this definitive and long-awaited history of 1950s British cinema, Sue Harper and Vincent Porter draw extensively on previously unknown archive material to chart the growing rejection of post-war deference by both film-makers and cinema audiences. Competition from television and successive changes in government policy all forced the production industry to become more market-sensitive. The films produced by Rank and Ealing, many of ...

Classical Film Violence

This is one of the best books I've read about movies in a few years. Prince looks at the PCA papers for movies from the early talkies to the start of the "ratings system" in the Sixties. He looks at how the films depicted violence, and how they got into trouble with the Code Authority. (Prince doesn't use the word censor, and he shows he has a valid point for this.) The result is simply eye-opening. It will make you want to see Frank...

Exposure Made Easy

Exposure Made Easy is an Instructional Photography Book. This book will teach you "To See the Light" and explain about all of "The Nuts and Bolts of Photography". Understanding Digital Exposure Is The Key. Certified Professional Photographer Curley Marshall will break down each subject in every chapter with easy to understand examples and illustrations. After reading this book you will understand the real relationship between the ape...

From Alien to The Matrix

*An incredibly necessary text--arming the geeks with tools to read films for the DVD generation--and possibly regeneration. Clear, simple text, in which an understanding of slash fiction is as important to the text as an encyclopedic knowledge of a hundred years of written SF, and what movies mean.*--Neil Gaiman