Photography and Its Violations

Photography and Its Violations poses a world-transforming ethical challenge to photography's makers, subjects, and viewers alike: to reveal or conceal the exercise of power. Armed with John Roberts's insights into the often insidious, sometimes enfranchising, always intricate interplay of these two opposing violations, sensitive readers will be empowered and emboldened as they battle for position amid the tsunami of photographs that ...

Making Media , Fourth Edition

Jan Roberts-Breslin’s Making Media is an excellent primer for the introductory media production course. She weaves a comprehensive roadmap for the budding media artist from concept through execution to distribution. A valuable addition to media production instruction.

Predicting Movie Success at the Box Office

This book explores the different factors that can influence a new movie’s prospects at the box office. Looking at factors such as the production budget, distribution model, genre, stars and audience reactions of films, Gunter asks how such aspects may reduce the uncertainties of success so common in the movie industry. The reader is taken on a journey through filmmaking factors that, research suggests, impact box office performance. ...

Mining the Home Movie

"By claiming home movies as essential tools of historiography, Ishizuka and Zimmerman manage to break down artificial barriers between public histories and private records. In this groundbreaking volume, their selection of visionary essays offers a way to reclaim devalued work and turn the tables on the cataloguers. Absolutely required reading for historians, curators and media analysts."

Woman with a Movie Camera

Marina Goldovskaya, now a professor at UCLA, was a pioneer in Russian film and documentary television. In a beautifully translated memoir, by turn exciting, frustrating, funny, and instructional, she tells the history of filmmaking in Russia, the development of cinema verite, which came with newer, more portable technology, and her own battle for equality in what was a man's world of film. Recommended for anyone interested in film, R...

Les secrets de la photo de portrait

Voici un guide pratique traitant à la fois du portrait et de la pose, mêlant technique de prise de vue (réglages de l'appareil et maîtrise de la lumière), direction du modèle, et traitement des images de manière à obtenir des photos valorisantes.

Digital Photography and Everyday Life

"This is an outstanding collection of essays which invites a radical rethinking of photography. Each chapter dismantles conventional understandings of photography by examining in detail a specific assemblage of social practice, camera technology and light-generated image. What photography is, what it does and what it might do is thus rendered radically open, and photography is once more made as remarkable, emergent and diverse as it ...

Australian Film Festivals: (Framing Film Festivals)

This is the first book to offer an in-depth examination of the history, operation, and growth of film festivals as a cultural phenomenon within Australia. Tracing the birth of film festivals in Australia in the 1950s through to their present abundance, it asks why film festivals have prospered as audience-driven spectacles throughout Australia, while never developing the same industry and market foci of their international fellows. D...

Body Shots: Early Cinema's Incarnations

"With his intense focus on the human body (the body running, the body kissing, the body posing, the body at rest), Jonathan Auerbach has managed to re-dramatize the newness of a new medium in its original decade. The combination of analytical patience, historical precision, and conceptual panache will startle readers into seeing even well-known early American films as though for the first time. In other words: Body Shots will prove t...

The iPad for Photographers

I purchased an iPad and several of the apps and accessories covered in the book, to use for photography, prior to buying this book. So much of the information in the book was not new to me. Still, the book taught me a few useful things about each of my apps that I didn't already know. This book would be of the greatest value to someone contemplating using an iPad for photography who hasn't purchased one yet. The book's advice on work...