Marilyn Monroe: A Life of the Actress, Revised and Updated

"A wonderful, highly readable book, the first biography that truly shows the actress at work." "More than anything else in her life, Marilyn Monroe wanted to be taken seriously as an actress. Rollyson has done just that in Marilyn Monroe: A Life of the Actress. . . . It will be important to both film historians and to Marilyn's fans--and it would have made Marilyn feel honored and worthwhile."

Studio Lighting Anywhere: The Digital Photographer's Guide to Lighting on Location and in Small Spaces

This is just a great book with informative info you can use when starting out . I learned alot and apply alot of the info still today when doing portraits. I am officially impressed. Mr. Farace has another winner on his hands. This book is one of the best I've read for studio lighting and learning how to take studio quality images almost anywhere. This book is not a recipe on lighting i.e. do step 1, set light here, do step 2,.. It's...

Taking Your iPhoto '11 to the Max (Technology In Action)

Michael Grothaus is an American novelist and journalist living in London. He was first introduced to Apple computers in film school and went on to use them for years to create award-winning films. However after discovering many of Hollywood's dirty little secrets while working for 20th Century Fox, he left and spent five years with Apple as a consultant. He's since moved to London and earned his MA in Creative Writing. His first nove...

Inside the Star Wars Empire: A Memoir

Bill has created a wonderful memoir of his experiences in the special effects department at Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) from almost neophyte to becoming quite a senior person in the hierarchy. The author recounts many stories and explains how many of the special effects that we've seen and loved were created. Unknown to me, were stories about ILM's other clients and how their special effects have been seen in many other blockbus...

Photographiez la Nuit

le livre est intéressant sans être indispensable pour quelqu'un qui s'est déjà frotté à la photo de nuit, je m'attendais à plus de techniques ou a plus d'idées originales , par exemple j'aurais bien aimé avoir un avis, une méthodologie d'un pro sur la pause en mode bulb pour calculer le temps d'exposition en nocturne. je trouve la maquette un peu lourde: répéter à chaque atelier que l'on a besoin du pied, de plusieurs batteries, mais...

Perfect Digital Photography

This book is so inviting and inspiring. It actually makes you want to take pictures of everything in the world right then and there. Every chapter gets to the point. It doesn't feel like you're reading a history book. It's very engaging too. It feels as though there's a professor talking to you right there. Very good investment if you want to learn more about digital cameras and photography. For anyone who just knows they're gong to ...

The Beautiful Wedding: Photography Techniques for Capturing Authentic Moments

The Beautiful Wedding gives great background into photographing the modern wedding. Tracy's experience and eye for detail are evident in her writing and photos. She shares her insights and expertise in an easy to follow and inspiring way. I would recommend this book! In "The Beautiful Wedding" Tracy Dorr does a fantastic job advising wedding photographers on the various aspects of photographing a wedding. I found the sections on cult...

Creatures of Darkness: Raymond Chandler, Detective Fiction, and Film Noir

A very interesting and thorough examination of the film-related work of mystery legend Raymond Chandler, creator of the ultimate film noir gumshoe, Phillip Marlowe. The books follows Chandler's career and work from pulpy dime detective story-writer, to novelist, to screenwriter. Chandler was an odd, cantankerous fellow who hated working in Hollywood, but the character he created is forever in the pantheon of American detective film h...

Cinema's Military Industrial Complex

“This vital collection takes us into the vortex of military institutions and explores how they have used cinema to project their power across complex geographies and into hearts and minds. Contributors rethink the cinematic apparatus, uncovering forgotten technologies, unknown exhibition strategies, and secret intelligence operations along the way.”—Lisa Parks, Professor of Comparative Media Studies, MIT “The modern American military...