The Clinch: Offensive and Defensive Concepts Inside NHB's Most Grueling Position

588ae2090e86c.jpeg Author Mark Hatmaker
Isbn 9781884654275
File size 8.5MB
Year 2006
Pages 224
Language English
File format PDF
Category Martial Arts

Book Description:

With its complete focus on a single fighting position, this handbook unsparingly examines the clinch. In the clinch, the no-holds-barred combat techniques of striking and grappling meet, posing new challenges and calling for new strategies. With these detailed explanations of each aspect of positioning in the clinch, fighters can set up their own clinch takedowns and beat those used against them in the ring. The unique striking tools, protection strategies, and takedowns the clinch requires are explained for both offense and defense, moving smoothly between each fighting element to maximize advantage. A clinch situation is an inevitability in NHB fighting, and this reference gives fighters the most complete education in turning the clinch to their advantage.



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