Cloud Security and Privacy: (Theory in Practice)

An Enterprise Perspective on Risks and Compliance (Theory in Practice)

51leF4waN2L._SX218_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_ Author Tim Mather
Isbn 9780596802769
File size 6.13MB
Year 2009
Pages 338
Language English
File format PDF
Category Security

Book Description:

Cloud computing is such a hot topic in today's IT world. The business reasons for adopting cloud computing to run SMB and enterprise IT operations is so strong that it is almost inevitable that we will see a movement toward more and more cloud services being offered. Perhaps a dark cloud that hangs over cloud computing is the question of security (and privacy). The authors of "Cloud Security and Privacy" have done an excellend job of describing today's landscape and the security issues swirling around cloud computing. They provide a good mix of perspectives from IT InfoSec to auditor to cloud provider. They provide a clear and organized view of the security challenges. I would recoomend this book for anyone who is thinking about using or providing cloud services.



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