How to Color Like an Artist

Colored Pencil Techniques Including Blending & Shading

How to Color Like an Artist: Colored Pencil Techniques Including Blending & Shading Author Veronica Winters
Isbn 9780486813677
File size 47MB
Year 2017
Pages 96
Language English
File format PDF
Category Art

Book Description:

Ten stars on this very instructional and entertaining book!!!! It has everything you need to know about colored pencil work. I am so impressed. It is divided into 10 chapters and includes a page on troubleshooting wax bloom and solvent problems. Chapters include; Pencil stroke types, shading techniques, highlights on white and colored paper, textures, blending colors with solvents, blending colors with light-colored pencils, basics of color theory, color harmony, using gray colors to create selective focus and combining mediums. This book has become my coloring bible. I can throw away all those little pieces of paper with notes. The book is published in full color. Color everywhere.



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