Colorectal Tumors

Atlas of Large Section Histopathology

5c8779b16d623.jpg Author Tibor Tot
Isbn 9783131405913
File size 21MB
Year 2005
Pages 152
Language English
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Category Medicine

Book Description:

Large-section histopathology widens your perspectives...


Correct diagnosis and staging are essential in determining the appropriate
therapy of colorectal carcinoma, one of the most common malignancies in America
and Europe. As medical science continues to develop rapidly, histopathology
remains an essential part of diagnosis in most malignant diseases. In this era
of interdisciplinary medicine, the role of pathology has expanded to provide
images that easily correlate with endoscopic, radiological, or operative


In this remarkable atlas, Tibor Tot presents colon pathology in large
histological sections, with cross-sections of entire tumors in their anatomic
environments and their circumferential surgical margins. These unique images
form a guide to diagnosis, tumor typing and staging according to TNM criteria.
They help to assess the completeness of a surgical excision and to understand
the heterogeneity of colorectal carcinomas.




  • Cases illustrated in two-page spreads with clinical
    information, conventional histopathology, and large-section histology images
    enlarged to almost a full page.
  • Pathology seen in the context of surrounding tissues
  • The margins of malignant tumors visible in their
  • Schematic guides to interpretation of the
    large-section images
  • Emphasis on diagnostic advantages of using large
    section technique
  • Technical guidelines for obtaining large-section histopathology specimens


This atlas is the result of seven years of studying almost 2,000 cases of colorectal
carcinoma and other intestinal lesions and is highly recommended for
pathologists, radiologists, surgeons, and oncologists alike.



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