The Complete Anchoring Handbook: Stay Put On Any Bottom In Any Weather

562459b20e903.jpg Author Alain Poiraud
Isbn 9780071475082
File size 6.8 MB
Year 2007
Pages 256
Language English
File format PDF
Category Sport

Book Description:

I found this to be an informative book. I would disagree with the reviewer who is claiming that the authors of this book are trying to sell a particular design. His claim that the Rocna anchor is not featured as a superior anchor compared to older designs is plain false. Much of the information in this book can be found on the internet, or is at least backed up by online sources. That said, I felt the book could use some re-structuring. I would also have liked some more detailed information. Many questions on using stern anchors, and Bahamian anchoring remain unanswered.
A boat swinging safely at anchor can mark the relaxing conclusion to a great day of boating or the successful completion of an essential emergency measure, while failure to anchor properly can be frustrating, inconvenient, or downright dangerous. The Complete Anchoring Handbook is your path to mastering this indispensable seamanship skill.



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