Conjugated Polymer Surfaces and Interfaces

Electronic and Chemical Structure of Interfaces for Polymer Light Emitting Devices

5dc4cda8f22a9.jpg Author W. R. Salaneck
Isbn 0521544106
File size 7.10MB
Year 2003
Pages 172
Language English
File format PDF
Category Physics

Book Description:

'The authors of this book, who are among the leading workers in the field, provide a concise and timely introduction to both theoretical and experimental methodology, which they illustrate with well chosen examples from their research results. The book is well organised, allowing the non-specialist reader to learn the basic theoretical and experimental methods rapidly. The examples are discussed and illustrated in a way that leaves readers with a clear understanding of the techniques used. As a researcher in the field of polymer light-emitting diodes, I found this book a valuable overview of the subject, and believe that it will be essential reading for anyone who wants a better understanding of the science involved in developing these devices.' A. C. Grimsdale, Chemistry in Britain



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