Conservation, Tourism, and Identity of Contemporary Community Art

A Case Study of Felipe Seade’s Mural "Allegory to Work”

00507a15_medium Author Virginia Santamarina-Campos
Isbn 1771884010
File size 95MB
Year 2017
Pages 346
Language English
File format PDF
Category Art

Book Description:

"Presents the point of view of the conservation and restoration of cultural assets, through the eyes of multiple disciplines: ethnography, art, science, and culture. It is a great work that clearly shows how to address the conservation of artworks in the society in which we live. The book provides the scientific method that professionals of the conservation of cultural heritage may apply to other cases. . . . Easy to read and well written, it has a coherent structure, where an accurate method is proposed, where all the links of the chain of protection of contemporary mural painting are linked, from research and study that includes its evaluation as works of art, up to its study as assets of social interest, combining the strategies and techniques of preventive conservation and museography, deepening in the contributions of science to reach its diffusion. It is a book that unites art and science, theory and practice, linking past and present but looking to the future."



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