Contemporary Cinema and 'Old Age'

Gender and the Silvering of Stardom

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Isbn 9781137584014
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Year 2018
Pages 258
Language English
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Category Cinema

Book Description:

“This bold feminist book extends the concept of “silvering” beyond the screen to include spinoffs, profits and style, to name a few of the new directions. Yoking the triumvirate of audience, star, and story, Dolan acknowledges but refuses to accept euphemism, offering sophisticated analysis and argument in refreshingly honest prose devoid of jargon. She provides a necessary intervention into taken-for-granted assumptions about successful aging and the management of so-called decline, putting much-needed pressure on the multiple resonances of the third and fourth age. The book gathers and builds upon an increasingly large scholarship on “old age” narrative films, reaching out of the cinema into a broader cultural field, including consumer practices that influence growing old in a youth-centric world.” (Sally Chivers, Professor of English and Gender & Women’s Studies, Trent University, Canada)



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