Contemporary Urban Landscapes of the Middle East

(Routledge Research in Landscape and Environmental Design)

58038231e3a48.jpg Author Mohammad Gharipour
Isbn 9781138849594
File size 17MB
Year 2016
Pages 316
Language English
File format PDF
Category Architecture

Book Description:

The Middle East is well-known for its historic gardens that have developed over more than two millenniums. The role of urban landscape projects in Middle Eastern cities has grown in prominence, with a gradual shift in emphasis from gardens for the private sphere to an increasingly public function. The contemporary landscape projects, either designed as public plazas or public parks, have played a significant role in transferring the modern Middle Eastern cities to a new era and also in transforming to a newly shaped social culture in which the public has a voice.This bookconsiders what ties these projects to their historical context, and what regional and local elements and concepts have been used in their design.



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