Little Book of Jewish Appetizers

I prepared three appetizers last week for shabbat dinner: the muharrama, meatballs, and eggplant carpaccio. All were a big hit, and a 15 yr old who eats nothing and is spice-adverse said they were the best meatballs he had ever had, which surprised me given the harissa in the recipe. I had my doubts when I was burning foil wrapped eggplants, as directed) on my stove, but the results were worth it. I found the recipes, even those for ...

Treat Yourself!

5+ starts for sure! This book is so much fun. The recipes are so easy to follow and the end product looks like Misterkrisp herself made itl! I bought 2 copies, one as a coffee table book, because it is a great conversation piece, and one to keep in the kitchen for my daughter and I to share. I particuarly love the little blurbs that go along with each recipe!

Knack Healthy Snacks for Kids (Knack: Make It Easy)

I got this for my preteen daughter, who is becoming very self-conscious about her body. So I educated her about what good foods and bad foods will do to our bodies. Putting good foods in our bodies will keep us healthy and this cookbook was a smash. That Acorn Squash recipe was our favorite...its now a staple we enjoy at least once a month. Great for Thanksgiving as well.

500 Smoothies & Juices (500 Series Cookbooks)

This is a great little book but contains so many wonderful smoothie and juice recipes. I found it hard for me to just come up with my own recipes so I found this book and was so excited to get it. I just love the smoothie recipes. Instead of going out and buying expensive ice cream treats I just use my blender and make my own healthy deserts at home. Saves money on gas too. I would recommend this to a friend or a family member. Such ...

Let's Get Together

“It’s the point of entertaining to have time to socialize and relax with your guests?  They authors of Let’s Get Together think so.  They’ve combined their ideas to create a unique blend of recipes…here are quick and easy recipes for any event you choose to create, along with a list of useful items and ingredients to keep on hand for easy entertaining.” “It’s the point of entertaining to have time to socialize and relax with your gue...

100 Little Sugar Decorations to Make

100 Little Sugar Decorations to Make by Georgie Godbold, Frances McNaughton, Katrien van Zyl, Lisa Slatter, Paula MacLeod is about sugar craft and gives 100 projects that you can make. The projects covers a wide range of themes from bride and grooms to animals and flowers. It gives the tools and materials needed. It gives step by step instructions. Whether you are a beginner or advances and seasoned sugar crafter, this book will give...

Kleine Kuchen

Kleine Kuchen und Gebäck im Miniformat haben hier ihren grossen Auftritt. Denn sie sind gigantisch gut für Singles, Paare, kleine Familien und alle Leute, die gerne backen und die Abwechselung lieben.

Delicious Desserts When You Have Diabetes: Over 150 Recipes

Enjoy a wide variety of healthy, yummy desserts If you have diabetes–or know someone who does–tasty desserts may seem to be a thing of the past. Now, in this remarkable book, professor, chef, and dietitian Sandy Kapoor shows you how to prepare rich and delicious delights that anyone will enjoy! Featuring more than 150 recipes that use readily available ingredients, this easy-to-follow guide teaches you healthy dessert cooking techniq...

Deceptively Delicious

This little book has revolutionized the way we eat in our home. I am so thankful that I found it. First of all, lots of reviewers are very passionate about the whole philsophy of how we feed children. There are many who feel strongly that "hiding" vegetables isn't a good idea and that children should eat vegetables "as they are." I respect that opinion-- but that is NOT a fair review of this book. That is a separate philosophical iss...

The Art of Cakes

Fondant-covered cakes with artistic decorations are becoming very popular. This book has the instructions to make 14 different cakes ranging from fairly simple to quite involved. Most would be within the abilities of an advanced beginner with patience and a bit of artistic ability. Most of the cakes are fun and festive rather than elegant. They are the kind you'd make for a child's birthday or party, though the most involved cake is ...