The Cookie Cure: A Mother-Daughter Memoir

"This deeply heartfelt and moving memoir recounts how the Stachlers' darkest days ended in the triumph of building a successful business, each woman with her truest friend and ally by her side. Their memoir is a testament to the bond between mothers and daughters, and a reminder that there is always hope." - Booklist - STARRED review

The Juice Lover's Big Book of Juices

I am on chemotherapy and have no energy to make food but I can juice. I already had a juicer and I thought I was going to die with the amount of nutrition I wasn't getting and consider the Gerson therapy was all about juicing. I went to hydrate and loved the green juice so this is what I do green juice. But I'd like a little variety and she explains things to you. Like putting the lemon into the green juice with the skin on gives you...

Pie School: Lessons in Fruit, Flour & Butter

Everyone should have a baker in their life—they are the sorts of friends worth cultivating. Treat your baker right (or encourage one into action) with a copy of Pie School, local author Kate Lebo's ode to all things flaky and sweet. The book promises "Lessons in Fruit, Flour & Butter" and it does not disappoint. Pie can be intimidating, but Lebo demystifies and charms in this beautifully designed volume. It's the sort of school w...

Making Soda at Home: Mastering the Craft of Carbonation

Good mix of standard flavors and interesting new versions to try. Jeremy gives great instructions for several methods of soda making. Includes making syrups, forced carbonation and the original way using natural fermentation. I personally like using 2 liter bottles with a carbonation cap & paintball CO2 tank. The recipes were flexible enough to adapt to this method since the author explains how to calculate recipes for your taste...

A Thyme and Place: Medieval Feasts and Recipes for the Modern Table

Kudos to the author and illustrator! What an amazing cookbook. I thoroughly enjoy cooking and "A Thyme and Place" puts a whole new spin on it. From interesting historical perspectives too delicious dishes; this cookbook did not disappoint. There are so many interesting recipes that I never would have found surfing on the web. I also love how it introduced me to spices and food combinations I never tried before; it's a recipe book "ou...

Fear of Food: A History of Why We Worry about What We Eat

“Harvey Levenstein’s entertaining social history of American food scares places today’s worries in a broader historical context, from the ‘germophobia’ of the 19th century to concerns about cholesterol and chemical residues in the 21st. Read this book and you’ll understand why warnings about the safety of your food should always be taken with a pinch of salt. (Just a pinch, though — too much could be bad for you.).”

Adventures in Veggieland

“This delightful book will help children—and parents—approach vegetables in a spirit of fun and exploration, instead of with the usual pressure and dread. Both the activities (Asparagus “Log Cabins”!) and the recipes (Grilled Cabbage Brains!) are so fun, no kid will be able to resist playing with her food.”

Canadian Living: Essentials Salads

A good salad is a symphony of flavours and textures! Here, Canadian Living’s food specialists have perfected 100 of their best salads, made with nutritious vegetables, grains, beans and fruit. You’ll find hearty weeknight dinners, special salads for entertaining and plenty of potluck options. You’ll also discover The Test Kitchen’s best salad-making techniques and tips. This book is the only toolkit you need to make the most deliciou...

The Anne of Green Gables Cookbook

This book was purchased for my granddaughter’s upcoming 8th birthday and I can’t wait to present it to her, along with an Anne of Green Gables book and the cut-out paper dolls book. It’ll be hard to decide what to prepare first! I’ve already read through the entire book and the recipes and tips are very suitable for beginner cooks! The illustrations throughout are just lovely! I will be ordering another copy that will stay at my hous...