Veggiyana: The Dharma of Cooking

The kitchen is the most vital place on Earth, because survival, even now in the age of iPads and large hadron colliders, still depends on wholesome, nutritious food. In keeping with this simple truth Veggiyana provides 108 tasty, beloved and simple recipes from around the world. And generously sprinkled throughout--like the perfect blend of herbs and spices are morsels of time-tested wisdom on how to live a life that nourishes both b...

Pains gourmands : 50 recettes simples et créatives

Si la boulangerie a occupé une très grande partie de mon existence, c'est seulement l'enseignement de la panification qui m'a fait mesuré le plaisir et le sentiment de fierté que l'on éprouve quand, pour la première fois, on voit ce que l'on obtient avec simplement de la farine, de la levure, de l'eau et du sel. La fabrication de pain n'a rien de mystérieux et on ne naît pas boulanger, c'est à la portée de chacun. Avec ce livre, j'ai...

Analytical Methods for Food and Dairy Powders

Food and dairy powders are created by dehydrating perishable produce, such as milk, eggs, fruit and meat, in order to extend their shelf life and stabilise them for storage or transport. These powders are in high demand for use as ingredients and as food products in their own right, and are of great economic importance to the food and dairy industry worldwide. Today, the ability to control food and dairy powder quality is a source of...

Thermomix-Rezepte ...so lecker und einfach

NEU hochwertiger Offset-Druck in Farbe einfache und leckere Rezepte mit normalen Zutaten welche man im Haus hat DinA5-Heftung mit 24 Seiten kein Original Vorwerk Inhaltsverzeichniss: Allgemeine Tipps und Tricks Obatzter natur Schinken - Frischkäse - Aufstrich Griechischer - Brotaufstrich Erdäpfel - Käs Eiercreme Türkischer Obazda Pizzabrötchen Schnelle Pizza Italienischer Kräuteraufstrich Käsesalat Farmersalat Blaukrautsalat mit Senf...

Feed Me Bubbe: Recipes and Wisdom from America's Favorite Online Grandmother

Feed Me Bubbe is all about taking you into Bubbe's kitchen. Based upon the popular online and televised kosher cooking show seen all over the world this book includes all of Bubbe's classic recipes, insights, and stories that are sure to touch the heart. Her voice and wisdom come across each page through a format that makes cooking fun and comfortable for any skill level. Discover Bubbe's favorite Yiddish songs and create menus that ...

The Everything Potluck Cookbook

Potlucks are a great way to get friends and relatives together without the pricey grocery or restaurant bill! In this cookbook, veteran cook Linda Larsen gives you an array of options for every meal and course. In addition, easy-to-understand icons indicate whether a recipe is easy, healthy, quick, or inexpensive. Everything you need to host, or attend, a successful potluck is here, including: 300 tasty and creative recipes Tips for ...

Tropical Asian Cooking

This book truly represents the contemporary flavors of tropical South and Southeast Asia today. It is unashamedly Asian without being traditional–reflecting the fascinating blend of peoples and cultures found in the region. What is particularly fascinating is the interaction between the cuisines that expand upon, and yet preserve, the distinctive character and strength of the indigenous dishes and ingredients. This modern, fresh appr...

The Hamptons Diet Cookbook

Cooking and Entertaining Secrets of the Rich, Famous--and Thin! How do the rich and famous who congregate each summer in the Hamptons stay so thin, healthy, and gorgeous? In The Hamptons Diet Cookbook, you'll discover that enjoying exquisitely satisfying taste sensations doesn't have to result in your becoming overweight. You'll learn how to get thin, stay svelte, and be healthier than ever before while indulging yourself in such see...

Tartine Book No. 3: Modern Ancient Classic Whole

The third in a series of classic, collectible cookbooks from Tartine Bakery & Cafe, one of the great bakeries, Tartine Book No. 3 is a revolutionary, and altogether timely, exploration of baking with whole grains. The narrative of Chad Robertson's search for ancient flavors in heirloom grains is interwoven with 85 recipes for whole-grain versions of Tartine favorites. Robertson shares his groundbreaking new methods of bread bakin...

Small Bites: Skewers, Sliders, and Other Party Eats

Big flavors come in small bites. With Small Bites, hosts for all occasions can prepare easy appetizers that will impress and delight any crowd. You can choose from more than 75 savory recipes for finger foods, skewers and picks, and sandwiches and sliders. Whether hosting a sophisticated soirée or a game-day gathering, nibbles are a necessity! Give Mini Asian Lettuce Wraps or Beef Oscar Tartlets a try for finger foods, or for skewers...