Cosmic Journeys: My Out-of-Body Explorations With Robert A. Monroe

5b9b600e930df.jpeg Author Rosalind A. McKnight
Isbn 9781571741233
File size 5.05MB
Year 1999
Pages 292
Language English
File format PDF
Category Religion

Book Description:

Explorers are known for the journeys they take, Rosie McKnight explored the vast nonphysical dimensions of consciousness. With famed out-of-body researcher Robert Monroe, she helped to further the understanding of human consciousness, and to demonstrate beyond doubt that we are more than our physical bodies. Many of these pioneering sessions are presented here almost word for word, as they were taped, along with her warm and inspiring observations of Bob Monroe and the early days of The Monroe Institute (TMI).

Here are explorations of non-human energy systems, interactions with highly evolved beings, concepts about the makeup of the many levels of the universe, views of the afterlife and the animal dimensions, the nature of healing and guidance, a look at the future, and much more. Here is the pursuit of the true meaning of science fearlessly mapping wherever the inquisitive mind takes us.

Through the courage of Rosie McKnight and other explorers at TMI, we are given, as Laurie Monroe writes in her introduction, "a clarity of perception and a sense of the greatness that is beyond our everyday life."




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